MLM Leads That Convert Quality Laser Targeted Leads

By: Scott Marvin

How can a network marketer grow his business without quality leads? This resource will explain the difference between purchasing MLM leads that usually end up worthless and creating quality laser targeted MLM leads that convert like crazy.


One strategy taught in MLM is to get fresh MLM leads that are sold as quality leads. There are advertisers all over the net pitching quality leads. However there are few of these lead selling businesses that can really provide what they say they provide. Recently one particular company was selling double opt-in leads. Double opt-in means the email address of the lead was verified to be a real email address. After testing an email ad to this lead list it was discovered that up to 25% of the leads were not double opt-in and in fact were fake leads. If you are laying out cash for leads you deserve to get what you pay for.

Not Good Resources

Another problem with MLM leads resources is the way they obtain their leads in the first place. Many lead companies get leads from online surveys. They usually pay the person a small fee to fill out a survey and then their contact information is resold as a lead. Suppose you intend to build a large team of network marketers and you want quality hard working entrepreneurs to place in your business. Now lets add to the equation a prospect that is willing to spend time to sit and fill out forms all day. They are willing to spend 1/2 hour filling out a survey to earn maybe $2.50. That’s below minimum wage. Do you really want a lead like that who is willing to work for peanuts? These folks are not highly motivated and certainly not leaders. If you plan to build your MLM with these folks I can promise you will need pain killers for all the headaches you will experience.

Cost of MLM Leads

You must also consider what you pay per lead. Some lead companies charge as much as $5.00 per lead. How many of these can the average person really afford? Everyone knows that MLM is a numbers game and at $5 bucks a pop you had better hope your leads are top notch. I have talked with a lot of MLM reps who have wasted $1,000's in MLM leads and had zero sign ups into their MLM company. Spending lots of money is not the way to go.

The Answer

If you want MLM leads that are quality and targeted and fresh then there is a solution and it cost you very little cash if any. If you want to catch the best fish you need to use the best bait. The method all of the MLM lead selling people use to catch their leads is not the best kind of bait and doesn't catch the best fish. If you need superior MLM leads you need to offer bait that will peak the interest a serious MLM go-getter. I'll give you a tip! You need to understand who your target market is and in this industry your target market are people who are in MLM or they are thinking about joining MLM. If you want to draw these folks in you need to offer them something of value. What does every network marketer want? They want quality prospects they can depend on and they want to grow their business. If you provide this solution you are using the proper bait to catch the right fish. Another hint… Once you teach someone to produce massive leads that are laser targeted and quality then you have a student who will join you in any business you pursue.

You Are In The Drivers Seat

All MLMer's are looking for a way to produce these kinds of leads. Network marketers want a system that they can customize and will position them as a leader. This system should produce results and can be easily shared with your team. This system should be capable of paying you cash to create leads. And best of all this system should give you complete control over how many leads you want to produce.

A system like this already exist and is being used by top network marketers across the globe. For a free test drive of this MLM lead system visit the links provided by this article.

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