MLM Lead System - 5 Top Tips on How to Create a Productive MLM Lead System

By: Dwayne Huggins

1. Brand yourself. The top movers and shakers in the MLM world sell themselves first, not their primary business opportunity. Positioning themselves as an expert, supplying valuable information to those who seek it. One of the most effective ways to brand yourself is by having your own website, in the form of a capture page (also know as a squeeze page) with an opt-in form on it. Replicated company websites do not promote you and therefore why should anyone join your downline.

2. Build a list. Not the old school way of going through everone in your address book, sorting them into groups from hot to cold contacts. Thatís the fastest way to alienate people, some of them will be your nearest and dearest. Having traffic flowing to your capture pages (step 1) is what you need to do to attract people to you, who will be asking you about what you have to offer and not the other way round.

3. Sales funnel. Through the law of attraction you now have a prospect. They opt-in and become a lead. Now you can monetise this lead with all the opportunities you have to offer. At this point you need to understand that 95% of your leads will not buy into your primary business. Having a sales funnel is very important because it gives you the chance to monetise that 95%. You do this by offering resources and tools which you know they will require to be successful in their business.

4. Duplicate-able training. You want your downline to be as successful as you so you will need to teach them all the things which got you to where you are. To have a an mlm lead system, all parts of the system need to work and your leads are part of your system. They need to know how to brand themselves, build lists and have a sale funnel, you are the person to teach them. If you donít they will go to someone who will! This is the power of leverage. Your leads now trains their leads in the the same way you trained them, and your downline grows and grows.

5. A natural, automatic way of introducing them to your primary offer. From the time a person opts in to your list you will be communicating with them automatically, via an auto-responder. This enables you to build trust and a rapor with them without having to personally contact each and everyone. (Note, that people who are successful in their business do pick up the phone and talk to their leads.) As they have now got to know you more, you have helped them by supplying them with valuable information, they are in more open state of mind to look at your primary offer.

To your future success.


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Dwayne Huggins knows the importance of providing valuable information. He has researched the need for an MLM Lead System which will benefit your business.

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