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The vast majorities are legitimate and with hard work can be very lucrative. If you are considering a home based MLM business opportunity, then the first thing you need to do is ask yourself why. Are you hoping to sleep in late and work the hours you want? If so, then this isn't the route you should take. Home based MLM business opportunities require as much hard work and commitment as any other business. If you are looking for a challenge, then this will provide it. As stated above, there are scams and con artists about. If you are considering the MLM route, then there are some key things you should look for before getting involved. If your particular home based MLM business opportunity requires a large cash investment then there is a good chance it is fraudulent. Legitimate MLM companies require very little investment. In fact, some take on all the start up costs themselves.
If they are asking for large sums of money then proceed very cautiously. You need to consider the products that you will be selling. Would you buy them? If you won't, then who would? What happens if you are left with loads of unsold stock? Legitimate home based MLM business opportunities will always buy their stock back. Most will do it for at least 80 percent of what you paid. Anything less isn't worth considering. Recruitment is a key issue in home based MLM business opportunities. Legitimate companies do want their representatives to recruit. They also offer a share of profits if you do. However, if the emphasis is on recruiting rather than products and promotions then it could be a scam. Finally, do your homework on the company and their products. Talk to other representatives and ask them how successful they have been. Don't rely on company testimonials.
They could be made up. Even legitimate companies will only print the best success stories. Look at their sales policies, business plans and annual reports. Legitimate companies should want to show them to you. Taking advantage of the right home based MLM business opportunity can be both lucrative and fun. It will be challenging but the rewards can be tremendous. Unfortunately, there are a few that are out to get nothing but your money. By knowing the signs, however, you can prevent this from happening to you. You can also be well on your way to earning money and having a great time.

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