MLM Business Opportunities The Truth

By: Scott Marvin

MLM has a major flaw. The flaw is that a vision is sold on hype and the prospect buys into their feelings and desire only to be left with the huge problem of trying to figure out how to build a business.

Most prospects don't sign up for a multi-level marketing company with the needed marketing know-how to produce MLM prospects every day and every week. The mass of prospects usually sit in on a opportunity meeting where they are emotionally mesmerized by a gifted leader who has built a huge organization. Several testimonies are produced and after a few hours of convincing the eager prospect is led back to their MLM sponsor with dollar signs rolling around in their head often times eager and ready to join the business.

After the new enrollee arrives at their house and they start to land on earth again they soon come to the realization that have no idea how to start selling their opportunity. They call their upline and are informed that they need to make contact with everyone they know. Further instruction informs them that they need to make a list of all the people they know from their doctor to their trash man and write their names on the list. They are then encouraged to contact each of these leads and invite them to an Opportunity Meeting. Unfortunately, for most, this will not produce the amazing results promised in the well tailored presentation.

Simply put the warm list is not a good source for Network Marketing Leads. The new business owner almost always learns the hard way that most or all of their warm list will not sign up for their business. A few may join for a little while but quit shortly afterward because they also need marketing training. The new MLMer is left with little or no business. “It’s OK” they are told. Just spend money on leads or run ads in the paper. This will work for you. In the end there is still miserable results, no profits and no new network marketing leads.

In the meantime their sponsor isn’t doing much better. The seasoned MLM rep has had to become a recruiting machine. He is like a hamster on a wheel running faster and faster but getting nowhere. Can you say insanity? It's an endless repetitive activity of replacing reps that drop out. The cycle never stop. He can do nothing but sit and watch as an entire leg of his organization falls apart overnight. Autoships are terminated and big pay bonuses are gone. “When am I going to get paid what I deserve?”, he often ponders. The problem is duplication is extremely difficult in network marketing.

Folks, the bottom line is this is a marketing business and not a sharing business anymore. With so many different opportunities entering the playing field people are left bouncing from business to business looking for the Holy Grail. Why do people jump around? It's becasue of their own lack of marketing knowledge. If folks would just learn the right way and the smart way to market their opportunity they would have no reason to leave the company they started with. You really need a system to create and deliver leads to your inbox everyday. Not any old leads but lazer targeted ready to sign up leads. The system also needs to be easily duplicated and able to be passed on to your downline so they can produce the same results.

The Solution

Stop spinning your wheels in MLM. Stop bugging your friends and family. Stop making cold Calls. Stop prospecting strangers. The people who understand marketing and the value it provides are making a fortune using the internet to attract massive leads every sigle day. By using target market startegies they deliver a powerful stream of new leads to their business with amazing results. These prospects are already opportunity seekers and are just looking for the right system to plug into.

Imagine this.

No more cold calling, no more chasing your warm list, without deadbeats, no more selling, no more buying leads and all the while building your business on auto-pilot.

Thank you for reading my article.

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