Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch - The Normal Issue Diving Watch of the US Navy SEALS

By: Denise Biance

The Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch, one in all the American company's most most esteemed watches was released just 4 years when the company started business. The story began when U.S. Navy Procurement officer Nick North heard stories of a watch that boasted an efficient new concept to observe technology.
This amazing new function was an illumination system that required no exposure to environmental or indoor lightweight sources or the use of batteries. In different company's watches, even the dimmest glow needs contact with an outdoor light source. Not therefore with the Luminox watch. Utilizing mini gas lights or borosillcate glass capsules embedded on the hands, markers and bezel, this new technological advancement could operate even in complete darkness.
The Lumionx company applied this proprietary illumination technology to create a customized sit up for the U.S. Navy SEAL team. It would become the SEALs commonplace issue dive await already dark missions. The technology of this watch - now on the public market - ensures one can see all the information you would like at a look, at any hour of the day, even in complete darkness. The system of capsules is guaranteed to last for twenty five years.
Once word got around concerning the power of the Luminox lighting system, the corporate was courted by the US Air Force to make a look ahead to pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Jet. The pilots, who had already taken to the watch made for the SEALs were seeking a watch customized to their own needs, thus Luminox custom-designed a brand new watch, acquiring the the privilege from Lockheed Martin, builders of the F-117 Nighthawk to use a picture of the plane for his or her selling campaigns. A a lot of lucrative contract followed with an exclusive deal to style additional watches dedicated to alternative combat aircraft like the F-sixteen Fighting Falcon, F-twenty two Raptor and SR-174 Blackbird.
Nowadays it's not just U.S. Navy SEALS and Air Force Pilots who wear Luminox watches. Many other prestigious governmental organizations have assumed Luminox as their favoured watch, including ATF and FBI government agents and Border Patrol units.
Certain Law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Military have even made Lumionx-like illumination system a compulsory item in their required equipment issue, as noted in procurement specification MIL-W-46374F. Obviously the power to understand very important data in complete blackness is a necessary requisite of the many such agencies.
Since its early days, the Luminox watch company have gone from strength to strength. Nowadays Luminox watches are offered in 40 countries round the world. With a name that continues to grow primarily based on the success of the Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch, customers have quickly taken to the patron version of the diving watch, presumably concluding that if the watch is adequate enough for Elite members of the U.S. Navy Forces, then it can manage their recreational uses.

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