Lucrative Job Ideas for Moms who Work from Home

By: Chris Robertson

Many women who want to work from home often have a difficult time deciding on what type of work they should pursue. As most folks know, owning a home business is no picnic. More and more companies are beginning to offer telecommute or "work at home" programs for their employees, but finding a lucrative way to make money from home still poses a great challenge for moms. If you're considering a work from home job or a home business, the tips below can help narrow your choices.

Child-Related Work for Moms

As a mom, you probably want to work from home to be closer to your children. Daycare is expensive, and working from home would definitely ease sitter expenses and allow you to spend more quality time with your family. Child-related jobs can help you reach this goal. You might consider babysitting, private tutoring, buying/selling children's products online, or even becoming a foster care provider. If you want to babysit, be sure to check with your local and state government to educate yourself about regulations on childcare. Each state varies on how many children you can keep at once without being a licensed daycare.

Internet Work

Consider what skills you have and how you can improve on those skills. Then go online to find out what companies are hiring employees to work from home with those skills. A good idea is to find companies that are hiring and view their job openings, salaries and educational requirements. If you notice an abundance of job openings in a particular field of interest, perhaps you can take training from home and be ready to work within a year or less in a field you truly enjoy.

You can also try freelancing on the Web and accept various projects in these fields: copywriting, Web or graphic design, IT and programming, paralegal work, accounting/bookkeeping, SEO and marketing, blogging, virtual secretarial services, data entry, transcription, proofreading, business plan or resume creations, counseling, etc. Check with freelance bidding sites. These often have a lot of competition, but you can often bid reasonably based on your skills without compromising pay. As you get your foot in the door, some clients will request your services directly. Then you'll be able to build a clientele of repeat customers and earn even more from home!

Some fantastic Internet home business ideas for moms include craft shops, gift shops, and women's products such as cosmetics, lotions, candles, herbs, diet/exercise products, etc. Also check out sewing services or Internet retail clothing stores, online auction sales (unique products can be found at thrift shops or yard sales), and home decor goods.

Offer Personal Services with a Flexible Schedule

If you prefer to leave your home ever so often, choose a field in which you can work from home and out in the field. You can create your own work schedule and possibly work only while your kids are in school or only several days per week. Some great fields that offer flexibility for moms include cleaning services, personal chef services, lawn care and gardening, pet sitting, real estate appraisals and title searches, elderly care, and errand services for the elderly or disabled.

Whatever your decision, choose a work from home endeavor that makes you happy. Being able to stay home is rewarding only if you choose a work at home career that you enjoy. Research home business tips or work from home opportunities beforehand so you can compare average salary, stress levels, flexibility, and how the job will fit with your family's normal routine. These tips can also help if you already have a job and want to earn extra money part-time from home. Learn to earn money with your skills by taking advantage of the thousands of free resources on the Web. These are available at your fingertips to help you achieve goals and become a successful WAHM!

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