Low-cost Alternatives to Consider When Planning Children's Parties

By: Richard Curtain

A child's birthday party can be quite expensive, especially if you are hiring caterers, clowns, magicians, or an inflatable playground to make things fun and exciting. If budget is tight, you may consider a couple of alternatives and tips to help you plan and organize a party on a budget. You can still achieve a fun and exciting party even on a budget. Here are some tips you can consider.


If you are handy with basic graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, you can probably design your child's own invitation. You can base on it an existing invitation that you can easily find online. You can use it as a basis and create your own personalized invitation. It would definitely save you a few bucks from having someone else design and layout the invite. If you know a friend who can design this for you for free, then why not ask for a favor. Otherwise, you can always use ready-made invitations you can buy at a store.

Instead of printing all the invites you need, you may want to consider emailing it to guests. You can have a few printed out for special folks. Instead of mailing them and spending money, you can drop them off if you're in the neighborhood. This might help you cut down on the small costs and allot more in the party itself.

Party Games and Ideas

Search online for games that wouldn't require too many materials and party supplies but are still fun and not boring at all. You can save on party games supplies and allocate the budget on prizes for winners of the games. Simple but fun themes would also be more practical than other themes that would require you to buy hard-to-find decorations. It would be easy to work with existing and easy-to-find party supplies. It would also be easy if you know where to find Toy Story party supplies or Ben 10 party supplies, for example. Check online for local suppliers or retailers to make things more convenient for you.

Party Favors

Children would always want to bring loot bags or party favors home from the party. It could be a combination of chocolates, cookies, toys, and trinkets. Instead of buying plastic loot bags, you can buy brown paper bags that you would ask the children to draw or decorate using art materials you have provided. After which, you can collect these paper bags and fill with party favors and give back to the children. You can buy the chocolates and toys separately than buying complete packages that will cost more. What you need on the day of the party are extra hands to help you with the collecting and filling up of the bags. This will also be environment-friendly as you are reducing the use of plastic.

Ask the Children to Come in Costumes

Another way for you to cut down on decoration and party supplies is to ask the children to come in costumes based on the theme of the party. With more children in costumes, you would already fill the party with colors and fun. You can just look for party hats, have a backdrop or streamer made, and play fun music to enliven the party.

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Richard Curtain used to work for a caterer and party planner in Melbourne. With his exposure to party preparations and scouting for supplies online and offline, he developed the knack for being a party thrower himself. He now works as a freelance writer and blogger for Partiesonline.com.au. You can view website here.

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