Low-carbon Economy

By: Sylvia

Faced with an increasingly harsh climate issues, each of us need to act, collaboration and control of carbon dioxide to reduce emissions, promote low carbon, low-carbon economy, and low-carbon city.

Low-carbon, to make life better, makes the city more sustainable.

The so-called low-carbon economy, is under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, through technical innovation, system innovation, industrial restructuring, new energy development and other means to minimize high-carbon coal oil and other energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve economic and social development and ecological environment protection as a win-win economic development patterns. August 2010, Development and Reform Commission to determine the 8 cities of 5 provinces to carry out experimental work building low-carbon industries.

With the "low carbon" discourse, it is now "low-carbon supermarket", "low-carbon campus", "low-carbon transport", "low-carbon green", "low-carbon network", "low-carbon community" ... ... all walks of life swarm all as a "low carbon" word, so that the "low carbon" has become a trend. Government departments have also adopted various strategies to promote "low-carbon economy" an orderly way.

First, the emission reduction targets into "second Five-Year" plan. Second, do a good job and a typical pilot. Third, set up a special agency guidance "low-carbon economy." Fourth, the policies formulated to ensure that "low-carbon economy" healthy development. Fifth, to develop "low-carbon industry." Sixth, dealing with "a catch", "three" relationship. Seventh, earnestly promote universal education and public opinion work. Eighth, give full play to the NPC and CPPCC in the role of the operation of low-carbon economy.

"Low-carbon life" (low-carbon life), refers to the rhythms of life when your best to reduce the energy consumption, thereby reducing the carbon, especially carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing the pollution of the atmosphere, slowing the ecological deterioration, mainly from Three aspects of energy saving and recycling solar term to change the details of life.

Low carbon economy will help reduce the country's international political pressure, to improve the quality of the environment, optimizing energy structure, adjust the industrial structure and changing consumption patterns. China to develop low-carbon economy, should the development of new energy and renewable energy, optimizing energy structure, improving energy efficiency, adjusting industrial structure, vigorously develop low-carbon industry, and guide consumer behavior, implementation of low-carbon consumption patterns.

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