Love Your Job- Have Fun While Teaching English As A Foreign Language

By: john milton

Teaching English as a foreign language, or TEFL, has gained a reputation for being an adventure. English teachers can travel the world while teaching new students or teach English as a foreign language to learners in an English-speaking country. One understated opinion among many people who choose a TEFL career is that the jobs English teachers can get are often a lot of fun. TEFL jobs range from teaching young children to dedicated adult learners. TEFL can be an exceptionally rewarding and fun experience for many teachers. Often, teachers feel stuck in more traditional teaching positions. When embarking on a TEFL career, the possibilities are almost endless. If you ever get tired of one position, another markedly different one is probably waiting to be filled.

First, it is highly recommended that you earn a TEFL certification from an accredited organization. Earning a TEFL certification will broaden you opportunities and help build your credibility. Different teachers often want to find different types of meaning in teaching. For example, some people begin a career teaching English to young children as they love interacting with the little ones. Young children have great energy, are fun to be around, and are often very receptive to less conventional teaching methods, such as playing games and working on arts and crafts to learn English. Many teachers find themselves exhausted after working with 6-year olds for a number of years and want to find something different. A career in TEFL will let you do that.

Teaching English to adults can be very gratifying for teachers as adult learners are often very dedicated to learning English. Instead of lecturing to a class that appears half-asleep, adult English learners are typically very engaged and ready to participate. Working with adults can give teachers an opportunity to focus on building rapport and teaching while forgetting about classroom management. Many people who have taught English to those learning English as a foreign language enjoy having more options than other types of career paths can offer.

When teaching English as a foreign language, there is no better or worse position. Whether you are teaching adults or children, near home or abroad, the best position is the right one for you at the time. Having a career in which experiencing burnout is unlikely can be almost invaluable. Love your job instead of cringing at the thought of returning to the daily grind by looking into earning a TEFL certification to start your new career today. Work can be dynamic and fun when embarking on a TEFL adventure that can last decades.

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