Love, The Greatest Power In The Universe

By: Brian Gosur

Love is an action word, although it does stir up feelings and emotions. It takes an action or a movement on our part to express love. In this sense, love is the greatest power in the universe.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories of love.We have witnessed and been moved to tears, by so many acts of love in movies can melt the hardest heart into a flood of tears and feelings that can move

A random meeting of two people, that happens everyday, but of all the meetings This one meeting has an element that the others don't have. Love is at work here. As their eyes lock a conversation is started. Finding the words is not easy. Acting sure and confident in their ways, they trip over the right letters to make the

A friend starts to notice that they are acting very peculiar lately. Their minds drift back to that indiscriminate encounter constantly. They keep rehearsing the discussion over and over again. At first they act as nothing is wrong, but their thoughts keep leaving back to that one accidental meeting. Almost hounding them now, they even phsically go back to the place of meeting, hoping to get another glimpse of this haunting person, that they can't stop thinking about. You think, what would be the chances of meeting them again? But wait.....sure enough.....their she is! You go over to where she is and try to act as if you are just walking by and she calls to you, and without any hesitation, you suddenly turn her way, dropping all the stuff you are carrying, making a total fool of yourself you say, " Oh hello. What a coincidence meeting you here again." Don't worry, it was probably no coincidence on her part either.

What caused this great happening to occur again? Love, the greatest power in the universe.

I know that there are chemical reactions and science can prove all these activities that go on in the human body once this love power hits us, and causes us to do very strange things, but what I would like to focus on is the very power of love it self. I do not pretend this to be any scientific research of love at all.

When I first met my wife, about ninety percent of my thoughts and actions centered around her. I could think of nothing else. One of my best friends noticed it right away. I didn't get together with my guy friends as much any more, because I was spending all my time with her. I talked about her all the time. My father said that he noticed his grocery bill being less every week, because I was never home to eat anymore. What is love, that it can grab hold of someone, alter his actions so that no one recognizes him anymore. He turns into someone else.

Some wise advice that I heard long ago, and I would like to pass it onto you. "Don't marry the person you can live with, marry the person you can't live without."

Then there is the other side of love. As much as it can bring change and pleasure to those who use it wisely, putting it into the hands of someone who is selfish and looking to always get the upper hand in everything and everyone, it can be used as a very destructive force that can destroy lives and damage hearts forever.

Take our same couple who met on that one random meeting. They fall in love and get married and their lives can only ride the waves of feelings and emotion for so long. You see, feelings and emotions go up and down all the time. If I rely on them, I will be always in love on day and out of love the other.

Love is a delicate flower that has to be nurtured and taken very good care of. It can not be something that you feel and catch and then put it in a cage, and once in awhile you through in some crumbs to feed it. If you do that, I can assure you, love will die. It is not if, it is when. It will surly die. The same thing that brought you into love has to continue for it to survive.

We will change as we grow older and we are changing as individuals all the time. Many romances that began when they were young and in high school, I guarantee will change as time goes by, because people change. You have to grow and nurture your love for each other as well.

Whatever you give your time to is what you love the most in your life. The guy that spends all his money and time on the golf course is in love with golf. If he is not including his wife in this hobby of his, or indulging in one of hers also, I guarantee you, golf will split them apart. They may stay together and go through the motions, but the love that sparked all this to happen in the beginning will be gone.

Be individuals but be a couple also. Grow together, not apart. What you did when you couldn't get her out of your mind all those times, continue to do now. I have a friend that is doing everything the right way. Him and his wife still go out on dates. He still buys her flowers for no reason. They share things together. They don't let kids and grand kids or work or hobbies keep them apart. Keep things in their proper perspective.

There is a thing that God put into your hearts or it maybe that He's just started it with you. Keep it alive. That one circle began with you two. Don't let anyone or anything come into that circle. God made it for you two only. Their are other circles that include your children and external family. They are very important also, but the one that started it all, you and her, is elusive territory. No one can come in unless they have special permission.

I hope that I could shed a glimmer of light on a subject that has been talked about and researched for eons of years. I believe that to fully understand love, the greatest power in the universe, we have to understand the originator of love. He demonstrated and gave the greatest gift of all to all of us. I know that this won't be for everyone, but to those whose hearts are burning right now, and you feel that twinge deep in your souls. Reach out and take this gift of love. It was made especially for you.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son, that whosoever would believe in Him, would not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16


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