Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet? - Follow These Food Tips

By: R Gupta

It is a simple fact that the nourishment you provide your body produces direct consequences, which could either be a lean and strong body or rolls of fat. However, deny yourself food or severely limit your intake, and you are paving your way to a health disaster. With such a weight loss solution, the only consequences you will achieve are weakness, fatigue and illness. What weight you lose will come back with a vengeance, when you resume your normal habits. So discard 'instant result' fad diets and consider these simple and practical steps to lose weight without dieting.

Count Your Liquid Calories

What you drink is a part of what you eat. In fact, a lot of people 'sip in' all their excess calories, without really being aware of it. Think of the times when you open a couple of cans of soda on hot afternoons, sip on iced-teas and granitas with your meals, or complete your outings and dinner engagements with cocktails and drinks. Alcohol and sugar-rich chillers are filled with empty calories, they do not satiate your hunger, and they cause a range of health hazards. Cut back on these and you may just save the 200-300 calories a day you need in order to begin losing weight.

When you are thirsty, stick to water. If you want a different taste, open up a carton of unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice, try citrus flavored sparkling water, or you could even sip skimmed milk. Limit your alcohol consumption to weekends, and choose small drinks!

Eat Fresh

Health experts acknowledge that snack cravings between meals is one of the biggest diet killers. That's when the cookies, crisps, fried munchies and cakes make an appearance. And they do your weight loss goals no favors. Snacks themselves add 300 to 400 calories to the average person's daily diet, and if most of these calories are excess, your snacks may be responsible for 1-2 pounds of weight gain a month.

However, if you want to lose weight without dieting, you can turn your snack cravings from your enemy into your ally. Simply stock up on fruits. A bowl of chopped seasonal fruit is likely to have less calories than a single Snickers bar! You will not only save yourself a load of calories during your snack time, but also keep yourself feeling full and satisfied for a couple of hours ahead. This means that you are less likely to overeat during your next meal. Furthermore, fruits will replenish your reserves of vital micronutrients, including phytochemicals, vitamins and other minerals. As mentioned earlier, a hearty glass of fresh juice can also form a tasteful snack.

Additionally, be liberal with your meal-time vegetable portions. Vegetables have the same properties as fruits, and they go well with every main course dish you can think of. You could have salads with low-calorie dressings, fresh or steamed vegetables on the side, or add vegetables to your main dish itself.

Lean Proteins Are Key

Fad diets often forget to tell you about sustainable and practical lifestyle changes, such as adding protein to your diet. Peanut butter, nuts, beans and lentils, lean meats and dairy are all great protein sources. A small portion of protein with every meal will work the miracle of keeping you full and preventing you from overeating.

Finally, if you apply these practical steps to lose weight without dieting , you will find that you have less space for 'junk' food and processed sweets. This will make a huge difference. Just give yourself a couple of months to see the results!

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