Lose Belly Fat Programs in Washington DC

By: Mel Joelle

Can you take a hint? If you’ve noticed that you’re building belly fat, that’s a hint that it’s time to make a change with how you manage your body. Excessive belly fat is both unsightly and unhealthy, and it indicates that your health management plan or, more than likely, your lack of one, needs a revision.

Are you ready to start listening to your body? When you’re ready to start listening, fitness programs here in Washington DC can help you unload the weight around your middle and look and feel better.

It’s important to recognize that there are no effective programs for targeting fat in specific locations. That’s not a bad thing. If you are seeing increasing fat around your middle, it indicates a more significant health problem. It’s the health problem that needs addressing, not the belly fat. When the health problem is properly addressed, the belly fat will disappear.

There are several causes of increasing belly fat. For many people, belly fat starts to build up in part because their metabolism slows as they age. Their eating and exercise habits may not change, but their decreasing metabolism causes extra fat storage. More commonly, however, the decreasing metabolism is combined with a little more eating and a little less, and less vigorous, exercise.

In addition to eating and exercise, other factors that change as we age also affect our belly fat. While the connection is not entirely clear, higher stress often leads to more fat retention. Also, people that sleep less than five hours or more than eight hours each night tend to retain more fat. Nonetheless, while sleep and stress are correlated with weight gain, the most effective methods for addressing an increasing waistline are proper diet and exercise.

Dieting sounds like a great way to lose weight. Unfortunately, most people need more than a temporary change in consumption. They need a permanent change in both the amount of calories they consume and the types of foods they eat. Moreover, changes in consumption are usually not enough to create permanent change.

Exercise is a critical component of any weight reduction program, and it does more than just help people lose weight they’ve already gained. Studies show that active people retain less weight over the long term. In other words, the exercise you do today will reduce your fat storage next week, next month and next year.

Different studies have suggested different types and duration of exercise for weight loss and good health. However, most show that about 30 minutes of vigorous exercise three or four times a week is sufficient to initiate weight loss.

At Achieve Fitness, we can help you address your burgeoning middle. With our professional fitness experts, we’ll help you set up the right exercise and nutrition programs, and help you stick to it. If you’re ready to start listening to your body, your body will thank you for listening to us! Contact Achieve Fitness to set up a consultation today!

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