Looks Can Matter

By: Sarah Carlye

The look of a shoe is important. Having a shoe that contributes to fitness but is unattractive isn’t going to get used much. Not only is the Stepgym shoe an attractive shoe to wear, there is more to the Stepgym shoe than looks, it is a well-made shoe with quality materials. It is well worth its cost not only because it will increase the effectiveness of walking, it also is a durable shoe.

The Stepgym shoe looks like the average gym shoe from a distance. At closer look, the curve of the sole is a noticeable difference between the Stepgym shoe and traditional gym shoes. It is the scientifically designed curve that makes every step in the Stepgym so effective. Starting each step at the heel and ending each step at the toe will work out the following areas while walking in the Stepgym shoe:

• Calf-increases tension and resistance to help define calves
• Buttocks-lifts and strengthens buttocks muscles
• Legs-increases tension and resistance to define leg muscles faster

There are advantages to other parts of the body when walking in the Stepgym shoe. The calories burned will help with weight reduction, reducing belly fat because fat is burned, the back is strengthened because posture is improved, and the soft curved sole reduces impact, protecting the knees.

Not only can you look good while wearing the Stepgym shoe, it turns daily routines into a workout. Working out muscles burn calories and wearing the Stepgym shoe increases the work that the calves, thighs, and buttocks do while walking. The thighs are the largest muscles and will burn the most calories. Walking in the Stepgym shoe will turn house cleaning, shopping, walking the dog, going to the park, casual walks, and more into calorie burning exercises. There is no added workout time needed to schedule into a busy day when wearing the specially designed Stepgym shoe.

When you purchase the Stepgym shoe, you are not just adding a good-looking shoe to your wardrobe; you are investing in your own appearance. You will find that between the added workout it gives the muscles during walking and the added calories burned, you will be looking good also.

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