Looking for an Honest Lawyer?

By: Tina J. Jones

Looking for a criminal lawyer in a state as large as Maryland can be a real pain in the neck. It is not because honest lawyers are getting lesser and lesser--which is also a big factor, by the way. The problem is on how and where you can find the remaining honest lawyers in the state of Maryland. There are thousands of lawyers in America today. So as a result, there is also a proliferation of law firms. You do not know which of these law firms are true and which are just for show.

Criminal law is a very complicated law practice. It is not like family law or divorce law--where you can settle the issue at hand with a little diplomacy and compromise. This is criminal law. This involves serious crimes, most involving murder and theft. If you are in need of the services of a criminal lawyer, it is either you are the victim or you are the accused. Either way, you will need a very good lawyer to represent your case. Lawyers will do everything to win their cases. That is one of the major reasons why there is a low percentage of honestly in this industry.

If you demand honesty as one of the traits for a criminal lawyer, I believe you will have to ask a whole lot of other lawyers. If an honest criminal lawyer does exist, I believe he is not very popular. Now, why are honest lawyers not popular? It is because they will tell you if you have a hopeless case. They will not take and take money from you and then declare the case dead. Most lawyers will willingly do that just to get money. You lose at the end of the day.

So, how do you find them? As said earlier, you can find one through intensive networking. Lawyers know fellow lawyers, especially those who are considered losers in the practice. Honest lawyers are sometimes considered that way because they do not conform to the given norm in law practice. You see in your case, you can have more chance to experience honesty with a criminal lawyer. Most deceptions lie in corporate law. You know the picture. Big corporations with big shot bosses will do everything to get off the hook. They are even willing to lie, deceive, and manipulate to have their way out.

All lawyers demand honesty from their clients so that they can build the case as strong as possible, with no loopholes or weak spots where the other team can shot down. As a result of this weak spot, the caseís defense is weakened, leading to a possibility of defeat. Your desire for an honest criminal lawyer will only slow you down. If you really want that scenario, you can be open with your lawyer and demand that from him or her. After all, you are the one who is paying for his or her services. There is a possibility that your criminal lawyer will reconsider. But just donít give yourself much hope.

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