Looking To Buy the Best Tea Set?

By: Jessica Lim

There are a lot of tea sets that you can choose from these days. They are of different types and shapes, and different materials. If you just want a plain teapot, a set made of metal may do, however, if you want something more artistic, the porcelain and ceramic materials are one of the most common. Porcelain is also a type of ceramic which has a translucent white color, and it is very hard, much harder than ceramic. With this material, it is very easy to paint and shape the cups and the matching teapot.

Glass tea sets are more of a contemporary and modern set which are as popular as the other types. With its transparency, you can clearly see the tea inside the pot and the cups. If there is a tea leaf compartment in the pot, you can take notice of the color of the tea and can determine whether you need to adjust the strength of the flavor as you deem right. Glass is also ideal if you love to use blooming tea, which is also called a flowering tea.

A blooming tea consists of a bunch of dried tea leaves formed around dried flowers. The tea leaves and the flower are bound together into a bulb and then dried. As you steep the blooming tea, it unfurls into something like a blooming flower. The centerpiece is the dried flower inside. Flowering tea is served generally in pots and cups made of glass or other transparent containers, so the effect of flowering can be shown. One good thing about the blooming tea is that the bundles can be steeped 2 or 3 times without changing the flavor too much, unlike the other teas. While glass tea sets will go beautifully with any china or platter, they are seldom recommended because of their being easily breakable. Some people use them only to steep blooming tea.

Another tea set preference is silver, which can last a long time when taken care of properly. Silver sets can be passed on the next generation of families as heirlooms. They make a statement about a userís social standing and can be considered a dining hallmark by people who frequently entertain.

The standard tea sets consist generally of the following: a teapot, cups and saucers, a sugar bowl and a creamer. Silver sets that are more formal may come with a coffee pot, a kettle, and a warming burner. Also included are a bowl for pouring and a matching silver tray. Some sets even come with more accessories, such as pieces of teaspoons.

Buying these sets in any material is not much of an issue today. The internet is one convenient source for finding the set thatís perfect for your needs and preferences. By making a careful search on the web ( like typing in the right keywords), you can easily find online stores and you can also compare sellers and their prices to get the best set of silver teapot that you are looking for.

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