Looking For PPE Supplies? It May Not Be Enough...

By: James Carmichael

PPE supplies, otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment, has become one of the most significant aspects of health and safety in the workplace as increasingly businesses and industries become ever more aware of the need to address every possible aspect of safety at work. Personal protection can often mean relatively simple solutions, but more often than not it is the easily overlooked, relatively minor aspects of personal safety and protection which can occur more frequently. Frequent accidents or injuries can not only lead to a depleted workforce and lost finances, but ultimately can lead to highly expensive court cases and negative publicity.

Industrial safety equipment today is more varied than ever before, and there is no excuse for not having exactly the right solution for the job. But for many businesses and industries trying to focus effectively on health and safety matters, it is this very choice and variety of personal safety equipment which can produce problems and challenges. Just exactly which solutions are suitable, and how do you identify the specific needs appropriate for your business or industry?

In many cases the solution is to deal with a company that offers not only high quality, reliable PPE supplies but also offers advice and help in making the right choice when it comes to personal and industrial safety equipment. Having a contact you can turn to, and with whom you can discuss your concerns and needs can make making the right choice that much easier.

For example, take safety gloves - a relatively easy and simple safety equipment product. Yet a quick glance through a health and safety catalogue or a PPE supplies website and you will very often find several pages dedicated to safety gloves of all kinds. Buying the wrong type of glove, an ill-fitting glove or a cheap and poorly designed glove can actually increase the risk of injury or accident rather than reducing or eliminating it. Why is this?

As many people involved in the business of industrial safety equipment or industrial health and safety will admit, all too often poorly suited gloves can often result in one of two situations: either the workers find that the gloves reduce dexterity and accuracy, which necessarily increases the risk of accident or injury, or they remove the gloves entirely because of their nuisance factor. In either of these situations the likelihood of personal injury is far higher.

Having more suitable safety gloves is of great importance, since it becomes more likely that workers will actually wear them, whilst not experiencing any reduction in dexterity, accuracy or convenience. But with so many different gloves to choose from, it can sometimes make sense to discuss your specific industrial safety needs with an expert, who will guide you towards making the right choice. This will ultimately help to reduce the chance of accident, which reduces both financial and legal liabilities should an accident occur.

Safety management is another aspect of industrial health and safety which has seen many attempts over the years at developing a coherent and easy to implement safety management system. However, many of these have been disjointed, incomplete or confusing. One safety management solution which has become almost an industrial standard is the Good To Go range of safety management systems. This enables personal and industrial safety to become coherent and comprehensive, dramatically increasing the chance that it will be used, understood and implemented.

This is the biggest hurdle in terms of identifying, purchasing and introducing effective PPE supplies - the actual implementation. In many cases staff training will be necessary, but before offering training and advice to your own workers and staff it is often helpful to seek expert, professional advice yourself. In todayís increasingly dangerous, busy and pressurised world of industry, with a massive increase in legal accountability and no win no fee litigation opportunities it is more important than ever to ensure that you can show that you have sought as much expert advice as possible, and introduced exactly the right equipment for the job. Purchasing and implementing unsuitable equipment will not merely leave you open to liability, but can actually count against you.

From safety gloves to safety goggles and protective eyewear, and from safety clothing to signage and safety management systems, PPE supplies and industrial safety equipment today is available in a far wider range, offering higher standards of design, comfort, ergonomics, suitability and reliability. There is no reason why businesses and industries today canít enjoy far higher standards of personal safety, and much reduced incidents of injury or accident. This is the ideal situation, but in order to achieve this, it is always advisable to deal with a company which offers both PPE supplies and expert, professional advice to help you make the safest choice.

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