Look before Buying a Lemon: Go for Revs Check

By: Andy Morgan

Apart from the name of a citrus fruit, the word lemon has a slang usage meaning a thing that is useless because it does not work as it should. In the US, a law has been passed, called Lemon Law, which applies particularly to faulty cars.

Speaking of Australia, particularly if you live in the NSW area and are looking to buy a used car, and if you dont want to end up buying a lemon, you should go for REVS Check. This article helps you find answers to the following questions.

1)What is REVS check
2)How to do REVS check
3)When is REVS check necessary and
4)How does it help you?

1) REVS stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles, a history of the used car you intend to buy. In short, it is the vehicles history report to know the car is free of encumbrances with respect to its previous ownership(s).

2) REVS check is a simple process. You just need three things: cars VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or chassis number, engine number and registration number. With these data, visit any online site dealing with REVS check, pay the required fees (it varies from site to site) and enter the data.

3) REVS check is especially required when you are buying a used vehicle directly from the previous owner. However, if you are buying from a licensed dealer of used vehicles, you generally dont need REVS check as the dealer is responsible for it.

4) REVS check can help you in many ways. The most important information it can give you is whether the vehicle is free of any financial burden, i.e. if there is any loan or debt owed to the financier. If so, then the creditor may repossess it. Thats not all. The car history report also gives the following information:

The number of previous owner(s) the vehicle has had.
Vehicles registration data: date of registration, expiry of registration, single or joint operators, and whether the registration is currently valid, suspended or cancelled.
Usage history: whether private-owned or used for business, car hires or taxi.
Whether the vehicle has been written-off because of damages due to collision, natural causes (flood, storm, etc), and has been repaired.
Whether the vehicle, its engine or number plate are reported stolen.
Whether the vehicles odometer has been tampered i.e. rolled back to show it has travelled less.
When the CTP insurance ends.

The above information will help you decide to buy the vehicle or not. The next step will be to purchase a REV Certificate on the day of purchase to protect you from repossession.

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