Long Term Brand Promotion With Customized Apparel

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Advertising has become one of the most difficult tasks taken up by a business. There are hundreds of businesses competing with each other and bombarding customers with products and advertisements. This situation has worsened eve since international trade became a regular and common phenomena. Before the liberalization of trade businesses only had to worry about competition from their domestic regions but this is no longer the case. The marketing department always finds itself under the thumb of top management, trying to explain why the advertising campaign failed again.

The problem with most advertising campaigns is that they are aggressive in nature, businesses think, the more money they flood into their campaign the better would be the results. Unfortunately, this is a false perception. Advertising campaigns become successful when they are strategically planned and executed. It is extremely incorrect to assume that pumping money into the campaigns will bring about impressive results.

Since, the number of businesses in each industry has increased; customers are exposed to a larger degree of advertisements. The brain has limited capacity in short term memory, therefore each and every ad does not manage to penetrate in it, as a result, customers do not register the brand hence they donít even make the purchase. The idea is simple and straightforward; do something that catches the attention of the customer.

AIDA model very well explains this situation, it says a business must first attract the customer, develop interest, create desire and then encourage action. So, first thing first, how can a business attract its customers? Marketers are of the view that it is easier to attract men as compared to women. So, what businesses do to attract female customers? There is a very simple and cost effective strategy for this particular purpose and it is embroidered shirts. Most women are fascinated by embroidery and consider embroidered products as something rare and special. So if a business is using promotional logo shirts to promote its product it will most definitely have an overwhelming impact on them.

Businesses may wonder how they can link their product to embroidered shirts. This task can also be done without any hassle. A business may use these shirts as free giveaways products or may use them as a promotional tool, for instance, if you buy this product you will either get a chance to win an embroidered shirt or will one. This strategy may give the impression that these shirts will dramatically add to the costs of the business. Well, it could be true, especially if you are obtaining your shirts from physical retailers in real markets.

Physical retailers have high operating expenses therefore they charge a higher price for these shits. But, if you are obtaining these shirts from online stores then you will most certainly be able to control your costs dramatically. Online retailers benefit from bulk buying therefore they can able to transfer a comparatively lower price for their products. Other than this is also provide lucrative discounts on bulk orders as well as to new customers.

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