Logo design - why need a design for logo?

By: edward fery

Logo designing is an art of designing logos in crafty as well as original manner with the help of certain electronic tools. Although the design is created with the help of tools but overall creativity credit is of the creator of the design.
But a question which we ask is, do we really need a logo designed? That is do we need a logo to be designed in a certain way that can provide creativity to public as well as attract them towards the company’s products.
This is a controversial question as most of the realistic people say that logo ‘design’ is not important in a company although logo is important. But if we talk about marketing persons and their way of thinking than they would totally say that a logo design is very important because it is the first and foremost marketing strategy which not only attracts public towards the brand or a certain product of a country but also work as a symbol which remains in the mind of customers as well as public for a long time.
Moreover, these marketing strategists support their explanation with examples like, Pepsi is that brand which can be remembered by small children and can even be drawn by them on paper as well as computer without even looking at the icon for once.
They say that this is because the design of Pepsi icon is very simple with just two colors and a white space. And designing of a logo is important just the same way. Because designing of a logo is the only thing which can make a logo more alluring and capturing to the public’s eye.
But designing doesn’t mean to fill a logo design with meaningless abstract arts which not only look like an exaggerated design but also over shadows the real essence of the logo design.
Furthermore, if the designer doesn’t uses more abstract arts and keeps the logo design to minimum that is sticks to simplicity will also be bad. As there is a scale between over styling and simplicity crossing one of the two corners will either make the logo design less attractive or overly attractive. Both states are the states of rejection by the public.
To conclude, logo designers should think from the perspective of public. Because public is the one who will likes the logo on the basis of its creative design or dislikes it on its designing illustration. Finest designers are those who keep a distance between the both.

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