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By: Mel Joelle

There was a time when all it took to sell your product or service was a classified ad. “Hey, we’re in business!” was all it took to bring the world to your door. Not anymore. With the increasingly competitive business environment, you have to find new and more efficient ways to meet the consumer where they’re more likely to look for your products or services. And in case you haven’t noticed, the old stand-by of the area phone book doesn’t work anymore. Why? Because people don’t use phone books anymore, except maybe to prop a door open or boost that little one up to the dinner table.
Today, people turn to the Internet when they look for the products and services they need. Why search tiny classified ads when all they need to do is to input what they need, and a multitude of names and phone numbers pop up on their screen for the asking?

In the past, directory submissions was the key to ensuring that your ad was among the first that the user found when they searched area businesses for what they wanted. Unfortunately, it was pretty soon that practically everyone was submissions to put their ad at the forefront. And it was still a shot in the dark that your name would be noticed among the multitude that ended up on the user’s computer screen.

Today’s savvy marketers have a new and even better tool to reach out to their target market: Optimum7, which brings your ad to the forefront of search results on highly popular local sites.

How does it work? It’s easy, and more economical than practically any other form of advertising. Remember when you were in school and wanted to remember a line of text in a book or other printed material? What did you do? You highlighted it, of course! So when you wanted certain information to pop out to you from the printed page, it was there.

That’s the idea with Optimum 7, which highlights your ad and inserts a “tag” so your ad stands out among the others in the search results.

Now, although the local sites like Yelp.com and Google Local might include other names and information from your competitors, the one that will get the highlight and as a result be better noticed is yours. Not only does Optimum 7 include your name in more search results, but your ad will stand out better from others and will more likely be noticed and acted upon by users.

No longer is your promotional message something you just place in a phone book, newspaper or magazine, and you hope, by guess and by golly, that your message will be read and responded to when the customer needs your product or service. Further, who reads classified ads when they need products or services? Nobody. Classified ads are a waste of money.

In today’s world, you need to make your marketing efforts not only do more but cost less. That means making your promotional dollar reach further than it has ever reached before. The old ways, with classified ads and other methods don’t work, especially in mediums like newspapers and other publications. That’s not where people go when they need products and services. The Internet is where your customers go when they have a need.

Optimum 7 puts your name and promotional message at the fingertips of more customers at less cost than practically any other advertising method. Why entrust the future of your business to anything less? Signup for LocalBoost today with a 60 day money back guarantee!

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