Lobsters can be cooked in a variety of ways

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Do you love devouring seafood but always worried about the calories you gain? Are you conscious about eating healthy? Here's some good news for you. You can have your lobster and eat it too.
Lobsters can be cooked in a variety of ways. They can be boiled, broiled, baked and steamed for the helpfor the help www.delicious-sandwich-recipes.com. If soups are your thing you can even add lobster meat in soups. It doesn't really matter how you cook lobster. It tastes awesome and is healthy as well. Lobster meat is protein rich and very low in fat. Besides, it has virtually no carbohydrates. So if you've been advised to cut down on carbs, you needn't bother about lobster meat adding to your woes.
Lobsters are also loaded with zinc, potassium and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help in keeping heart problems at bay. Moreover, lobster meat contains relatively less saturated fats as compared to those found in beef and pork. That's not all. It is a wonderful source of vitamins A, B, B12 and D. In other words it's great for your vision, keeps your bones strong and produces energy and protein.
Now that you know eating lobster meat is definitely not going to kill you, we can move on to cooking it.
It's best to cook a lobster when it's alive and as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. Don't let the appearance of a fresh live lobster fool you. It may look threatening with its claws and all but there's absolutely nothing to fret about. If you're on the sensitive side and anxious about causing pain to the lobster, you're wrong. Scientists say that nervous system of lobster does not allow it to experience pain. Moreover, a lobster dies as soon as it is placed in boiling water. Even if you see its tail getting frisky, it's not because the lobster is alive for the help www.july4-recipes.com. Those are just muscle contractions. The lobster turns red when cooked. Boiling is the easiest and least complicated way of cooking a lobster.
Alternatively, you can also steam or grill a lobster. After it's cooked, if you want to spice it up you can add hot butter, clams and salad. The tail is the most delicious part of the lobster but eating it is tricky. Lobster tails often find a place in the menus of exclusive restaurants. You may need something called a nutcracker and a fork or a knife to eat them.
No matter how you cook lobster and how you choose to eat it, its nutritional benefits are indisputable and its taste par excellence. The most scrumptious lobsters, though are the ones shipped live and fresh off the coast of Maine. The lobsters available at your store are poor cousins that lack the meat and the zing of the ones found in natural cold waters. Don't hesitate. If you want to savor a delicious lobster meal order a juicy live lobster online and use your choicest spices and flavors to cook it.

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