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By: Gavin King

Many home buyers toward are edging toward a tendency many real estate industry scholars are surprised with; smaller scale and more affordable housing. Architects across the nation are reporting a higher demand for home plans that feature reduced sized homes and the American Institute of Architects reported that fifty nine percent of home builders are building smaller scale homes.
As the latest financial tsunami rolled across the financial landscape in late 2007, many home buyers and builders read the writing on the wall and started choosing smaller houses over the giant residences of the prior years. With the lack of money came a desire for a smaller home that worked and the square footage average dropped by over 300 square feet.
Many of the newer residences are even being built from salvage parts further reducing their costs. Many of the smaller scale houses that are being built are utilizing wood from old barns that are being torn down, or even older homes that are no longer able to be occupied.
Given that the little homes are much cheaper in value and can still have many of the extravagances of larger homes, you can understand why the trends are pointing up for them.
The small residences one California builder makes can be put on a foundation or on wheels. The retail costs for his plans are around one thousand dollars and they are erected for the mid thirties. He says that building a small home is similar to having a suit tailored to fit. As with any custom home, each small home showcases the exact desires of the homeowner it is designer for. Given the limited amount of space, many of the small residences have built-in space saving features and can store as much as larger residences.
When big businesses like Home Depot and Lowe's get into the business of selling home kits, you know that it is becoming a growing trend.
Given the tendency of people with extra room to accumulate more stuff, the little home size helps many people deal with the materialist nature we all tend to have. Many homeowners are taking those exact thoughts to heart and exchanging their energy "McMansions" for smaller, if not more humble homes.
Many people prefer the modern features of larger residences, but you do not have to go without when you buy a smaller home. They smaller scale residences even feature amenities like claw foot tubs and double door refrigerators for those of us who prefer those appliances. With economy in mind and luxury featured, these home are drawing a higher degree of green buyers too.
Featuring reduced energy costs and lower mortgage payments, smaller homes are really an easy sale. residences that have conventional ceiling heights of about 8 feet have a record of reduced energy costs. Regardless of if the climate is hot or cold the energy efficient traits of smaller houses pay off due to the fact that you are treating a smaller scale volume of air.
Not only can you save on your energy costs but you can also save in regard to the way you use your building lot. With a little portion of your building lot taken up by the building, you can use more of it to grow tomatoes, raise goats or other pets, or any other recreational pursuit you may choose. Putting up that extra concrete pad for a basketball hoop may even be a reality!

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