List Building - Secret Tactics to Explode Your Opt Ins

By: Christopher Dittemore

List building doesn't have to be a secret. It's mastery can be broken down into simple steps. It can basically be defined as the process of collecting voluntary response of your ethical bribe.

What we are going to do next is define a simple step by step pattern to driving traffic to your opt ins. This will help grow your online business to a strong mature base.

1) An opt-in box is going to be the most effective way of collecting email addresses. Why are they going to give you their information? Simple. It's called an ethical bribe. Offer your viewers a product, gift, or report that your visitors will love you for!

2) Articles are a free very powerful method for driving traffic to your opt in. The best way to find "directories" for your articles is to search for "article directories" at your favorite search engine. Be sure to pack your articles with lots of good information! Your "resource box" should have a nice compelling gift for your readers for their support.

3) Conduct teleconferences during your conference be sure to include information about your website or blog. Use these signs up for your teleconference by driving your subscribers to an opt in box with a compelling ethical bribe.

4) List Building works better with leverage. Figure out a process of leveraging the efforts of other people and your lists will explode. Make it easy for them to help you by leveraging their efforts with your marketing expertise. Set up a tools section that will have everything that they will need to market your products for you.

5) Develop an opt-in mailing list 'sign up' sheet for your website or blog. Bring this with you to all offline functions. We already mentioned conducting seminars. You can also use this sign up sheet at your classes, speeches, meetings, etc.

6) Contribute to forums related to your website or blog. Don't spam! Give strong content about things you know. Utilize your signature line to help drive more traffic to your opt in list.

7) Pay Per Click or PPC tends to be focused on only one shot sales. However, adding your opt in box to your landing page will dramatically increase your conversion ratio. Let your clients get into the buying cycle at their own speed and you will be there when they are ready.

8) Online Communities are a free and very effective way of getting your opt in offer in front of more people! These communities are packed with like minded people. Your profile will help drive more traffic to your opt in offers be sure to include a great ethical bribe that your friends will appreciate.

9) Press releases are an awesome and highly leverages media form of traffic generation. Press releases can be your friend or your foe. Make sure that when you do use a press release the information you supply is highly relevant and backed up with significant research. If used correctly, press releases will make or break your online business.

10) Trade shows are very useful for driving traffic to your online resources. This over looked format has been used for years, but is seldom used for online marketing. A very cost effective booth can be purchased with a content packed packet of information relevant to your industry will give your clients a chance to see what you are all about. Make sure that you offer them a sign up sheet to be included on your mailing list.

11) Joint Ventures or JVs are a high leveraged "secret". Using your competitions list in your own marketing efforts will help create a win-win-win scenario for everyone. Be sure to mention link swapping.

12) Co-Registration is a great tool for creating a win-win-win solution for your competition and you. Make sure they add a simple question, to their opt-in box that basically says, "Would you be interested in opt in for additional offers relevant to what you are looking for?" then you do the same. Competition doesn't have to be enemies anymore!

Your opt-in mailing list is your friend. Take care of it and it will take care of you. Strong monthly profits through list monetization are closer than you think. Use just a couple of these strategies and you will be well on your way!

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Christopher Dittemore, CEO of Imagine Freedom, Inc., is a master list builder and is poised to change the internet marketing realm. Join him on his crusade to bring profit to struggling internet marketers today and you will receive his free report, "List Building Secrets."

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