Lipton Yellow Label Theanine: Great For Uplifting Spirits

By: Jishan Shaikh

Tea has been known for its rejuvenating effects. Researchers have now started to investigate what in tea could be producing these effects and how. Theanine naturally present in tea is now seen as being responsible for the relaxed yet alert state of mind of the people drinking it. The beneficial effects of such a cup of tea are there for everyone to see. It can revive, relax, and refresh – all at the same time and give a boost to the people drinking the same.

Tea, drunk without milk and sugar, has been hailed by an independent panel of scientists as being only second to water when it comes to hydration. Also, the benefits of Theanine are now for the world to see. Pioneering research in this area has been carried out by the Lipton Institute of Tea. And this world leader in tea is doing all that it takes to ensure that the advantages of drinking it reach the maximum number of people from different countries and continents.

For the uninitiated, Theanine is an amino acid that is virtually found only in tea. Approximately, 1% to 2% of the dry weight of tea is made of this rare amino acid. The positive effects of tea on mood are because of this rare amino acid.

So, all you people out there who want to make the most of the Theanine magic can now, reach out for a cup of Lipton Yellow Label Tea. Theanine, along with other goodness of tea, would help you relax and focus. So fortify yourself with a strong cup of tea from a brand that has a long history of delivering quality tea to the tea connoisseurs. You are in a relaxed yet alert state of mind and are more capable of taking on the challenges at your home or work place. Theanine, naturally present in tea, can do wonders for you.

Apart from creating a mental state conducive to clearer thinking, Theanine in tea could have other effects as well. Emerging evidence indicates that theanine might play a role in immunity. When consumed without milk and sugar, tea is virtually free of calories and can easily fit into a healthy and a positive lifestyle.

To conclude, Lipton has come to recognize the health benefits that tea has had on tea drinkers for long. Grab your cup of Lipton Tea and relax.

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