Lipton Stay Sharp Jigsaw Puzzle – Take on the challenge

By: Jishan Shaikh

Jigsaw puzzles can be quite complicated, what with a large number of pieces required to be put in the right places to get a complete picture. The level of the complexity depends on the number of different cuts as well as the total number of pieces, and any such puzzle can take hours to complete. Solving jigsaw puzzles can be quite challenging at times. People in India can now take on this challenge and that too on a large scale. The Lipton jigsaw puzzle contest, which is the world's largest collaborative jigsaw puzzle, is now open for everyone.

All the people who can think sharp and who want to enter their names in the Guinness Book of World Records by participating in this initiative can enter the contest. The Lipton Jigsaw puzzle can be solved online by anyone who believes in putting his intelligence and analytical skills to test. But before we go any further, something about the Lipton Stay Sharp Jigsaw. This giant puzzle consists of 100 blocks. And also, there are 25, 000 pieces to be put in the right places. It is a collaborative effort with many people making a contribution in solving the entire puzzle. On completion of the puzzle, the feat would be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There are quite a lot of rewards and goodies to be won by the successful participants. A participant can become the Jigsaw master and win himself a trip to some exotic locale. The top 10 scorers would get the chance to witness the event being put down as the world’s largest collaborated jigsaw in the Guinness Book of Records. The event would be advertised through hoardings and in the electronic media as well.

The Lipton Jigsaw Puzzle is expected to continue for at least a few weeks. And so, the performance of the players would be evaluated and recognized on a weekly basis as well. The top 10 jigsaw solvers in a week are expected to get goodie bags from Lipton. Such goodie bags would also be won by every 1000th participant.

So, all you people out there who have always wanted to play online jigsaw can now do so. And if you are short on ideas while participating in the Lipton jigsaw puzzle, you can always fortify yourself with a cup of Lipton Yellow Label tea. This tea – contains Theanine – and can make you totally relaxed and attentive while you are focusing on solving the online daily jigsaw puzzle. A cup of Lipton tea would clear your mind and put you in a position of advantage. After drinking the tea, you can concentrate better.

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