Liposuction Surgeons - Which One Should You Choose?

By: Lavinia Montescue

Liposuction surgeons have seen a dramatic increase in the surgery they do. With a $20 billion dollar, a year industry that continues to grow you can see why liposuction surgeons are smiling. As obesity reaches epidemic proportion, the demand for liposuction surgeons continues to grow.

Recent stats show that liposuction procedures have doubled in just one year with liposuction surgeons incomes increasing by as much as 30%. Those are incredible statistics. It's apparent people would much rather opt for liposuction surgery over exercise. Liposuction surgeons have no problems with the rising numbers.

There are only a few rare occasions when liposuction is a result of a medical problem, almost always liposuction surgery is a cosmetic procedure. However, there are some liposuction surgeons that would argue otherwise claiming obesity is in fact a medical condition and that makes abdominal liposuction as well as other types of liposuction a medical procedure. Most would agree that a healthier choice to obesity would be changes in lifestyle that include healthy eating and exercise for a long term plan. Liposuction costs are not cheap and unless combined with lifestyle changes you could find yourself facing liposuction surgery in the future again.

Liposuction surgeons suck the fat out of certain parts of the body such as the thighs or abdominal liposuction. The level of skill required to do these procedures is not very difficult. In fact the preside of BAAPS, McGeorge, once said, "I could teach a four year old to do it." The part that requires skill is in resculpting the body to look proportionately correct. After having liposuction procedures done there is going to be excess skin. How much excess skin depends on how much fat is removed. This is where the skill is needed.

In recent times both plastic surgeon and liposuction procedures have become part of life and no longer hold the stigma that they used to have. People don't feel like they are the odd one and they no longer try to hide the fact that they are having liposuction done. Liposuction techniques are tried and trued and have been around for ever so how could anything go wrong?

Here are some stats you should be aware of. Every surgery has risks whether its liposuction surgery or heart surgery. Some surgeries have more of a risk than others and although liposuction has a fairly low risk, 1% of all liposuction surgeries result in some type of complication. And of that, 1% - 20% of the complications are considered serious. One way to reduce your risk is to do your research on the liposuction clinic and on the liposuction surgeons that work out of that clinic. Although you cannot completely eliminate your risk, a good liposuction surgeon and a liposuction clinic that is state of the art does reduce the risk.

Reputable liposuction surgeons will tell you that liposuction surgery is not a cure for obesity but rather a band aid solution. It should not be a replacement for healthy eating and exercise that result in a healthier lifestyle, which will result in a healthier metabolism and the burning of body fat.

Most liposuction surgeons would agree that liposuction surgery is not a cure for obesity and it should not be used as dieting method. It's important that you make lifestyle changes that create a healthier lifestyle, burn more body fat and keep your body's metabolism functioning properly.

Cosmetic surgery is part of life these days. Nobody wants to age and nobody wants those extra pounds, which commonly find the waistline. Liposuction surgeons are high in demand and as obesity continues to be an epidemic; there is no sign of the demand for abdominal liposuction letting up.

You will find skilled liposuction surgeons around the country ready to make life altering changes to your body. But before you agree to go under the knife, you need to be confident in the surgeon you have chosen. Liposuction surgeons are easy to research for, so don't delay. It will give you the confidence you need in your choice.

There are liposuction surgeons around the country - skilled surgeons that can take care of your liposuction procedures and your resculpting. When you do your homework properly, you will know which liposuction surgeries you should entrust your body and your life too.

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