Linux Or Windows What Should Your Web Hosting Choice Be?

By: Owen Barron

The web host you choose to host your website plays a very important role in ensuring the success of your online platform. This is the reason why you should never opt for cost over quality when it comes to choosing a web host.

The two main operating systems on which most of the world's servers run are Linux systems and Windows systems. Which among these should your choice be? More importantly, does the operating system of the server really matter?

Basic clarifications

The first thing you need to know is that you are never going to face any kind of compatibility issues if the operating system on which the server functions is different from the OS in your computer. So, you don't have to be confused about that aspect.

Many web masters tend to choose a server that works on the same operating system as the one installed in their own system thinking that they can enjoy a better user interface. Actually, user interface you experience is going to be the same with both Linux and Windows.

For instance, if your web host and your computer run on Windows OS, you do not get a desktop environment or an interface that you are familiar with. Irrespective of the kind of server you choose, you get access to your website either through web editors such as Dreamweaver or through your web browser. You can also access your website through a SSH (Secure Shell) program or a FTP program. The simplicity or complexity of the user interface depends on the web editor or the tool you choose to access your website.

So, how do you choose between Linux and Windows?

The secret is not to choose between Linux and Windows. Although there are many arguments for and against both these server operating systems, they should not be the main criterion when you choose. Instead, you need to choose based on the features and services offered by the web host because these features make a lot of difference to the efficiency of your website.

The above argument applies if your website is built on basic coding. However, if your website needs more complicated coding in specific languages, you need to analyse compatibility with either of the two servers and choose one that is more compatible.

Designers agree that Windows is a more suitable option if you use technologies such as MSSQL, Microsoft Access, ASP or .NET. These run well on Windows because they are products of Windows. On the other hand, if your website requires technologies such as Perl, php, and WordPress, Linux is a great option. However, there are ways to use these technologies effectively with other servers as well.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your requirements. So, before you decide on a host, make it a point to talk to your web designer and understand the basic building blocks of your website. A web designer will be able to choose the right server so that your website works optimally.

Additionally, the choice of web host makes a lot of difference to the performance of your website. Make sure that the host is reliable, provides good customer service and is efficient.

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