Link Building Techniques for Large Websites

By: Floyd lester

In the post Penguin and Panda world, link building strategies have changed drastically. In order to make the most of your website SEO attempts, you need to understand the rules and alter your techniques accordingly. If you have a large website, you naturally have more scope to build links. However, it is important that you do it right so that you get good returns for your efforts. Here are certain basic rules that every large website owner can follow irrespective of the genre of their website.

Link categories

Large websites invariably have several categories. So, make the most of it and link to category names. This gives you better results when compared to linking keywords. In fact, your categories are naturally powerful keywords.

Secondly, categories take your visitors to the inner pages of your website. By linking to these words, you direct search engines to the pages containing your product listings and other core content. As a result, your website receives better indexing and a higher rank. Additionally, since inner pages are more dynamic than your home page in terms of visitor activity, guiding search engines to these pages can make a lot of difference to the rank of your website.

Links through social media

Social media plays a very important role in the current link building scenario. Search engines give a lot of preference to shared content. Every time a visitor shares your page, the search engine counts it as a link. Make sure that you include social sharing icons on every page of your website. More importantly, make the content sharable by maintaining high quality.

Diversify link sources

In order to rank better, you need links from diverse sources. So, use different methods such as guest blogging, links to press release sites, high quality websites and social media. Larger websites have a better scope of diversifying without seeming to be filled with links. Use the size of your website to diversify to the greatest extent.


The best kind of links you can build is through powerful content. Again, you need to bring in diversity in the content on your site. Use different kinds of content such as product descriptions, reviews, feedback, comments, blogging and anything else you can think of. The focus has to be on quality because quality gets you organic links and organic links are what impress search engines the most.


If content is the king of link building strategies, relevancy of links is the queen. Whatever be the links you build, make sure that you link only to relevant websites. The current Google algorithm is highly sensitive to spam links and often, genuine links are also taken to be spam if they are not relevant. So, always check out sources and relevancy before linking.

For large websites, keeping constant watch over the effectiveness of links can be a tough prospect. Nevertheless, make sure that you pay attention to effectiveness so that you can ensure yourself of successful outreach of the links. Always remember that great quality links with poor outreach are not much use at all.

Link building is still the key to SEO. Understand the latest requirements and make the most of the scope that your website offers.

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