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Internet marketing is a very complex business. You can make money on the internet in so many different ways. This can add a lot of diversity to your business model, but it can also add confusion. At times it becomes difficult to know what you should be working on. It becomes hard to know what efforts will give the highest returns for the investment of your time. Should you spend all of your time creating content for your site? Should you put more time into writing pay per click ads?

In the online world, most people will tell you that content is king. They will tell you that you should spend as much time as possible adding valuable content to your site. Although this isn't terrible advice, it isn't the best advice either. You can create thousands of pages of content and never get any traffic from it. Actually, it is very possible to create that much content and never even get into a search engine index.

Although creating content is quite important for any website, I submit that content is not king of the internet. Content is queen, and link building is king. Your website's content is critically important to your link building efforts. Its most important role is to generate links for your site. As you create pillar content, other sites will link to it. That is what will make your online business grow. Content itself can not survive with the current nature of search engines. The content must be linked to, and linked to often.

There are various methods that you can employ to build a lot of links for your site. One method that have become increasingly popular is writing articles and submitting them to free article directories. The directories will allow you to place a link at the bottom of your article in exchange for your efforts. If you can get each article into a bunch of directories, you will have a bunch of links.

A different method that you can use to generate links for your site is using blog comments. There are quite a few blogs out there that will give you a hard link for simply leaving a comment on their site. Finding blogs in your niche that allow this will give you some quick and easy links to your site.

Adding a blog to your site can also help you to create a lot of extra links. Blogging creates links naturally. When you publish content on a blog, it usually alerts blog search engines. The blog search engines will index your content, and link to it. Other bloggers can then find your content, and some of them will link to it. Blogs have been moving up very nicely in the search engine rankings over the last few years because of their ability to create links that regular sites aren't able to create.

No matter what methods you are using to create links for your site, make sure to work on link building. Generate enough links, and you will be able to get ranked for whatever keyword you want. Forget about link building, and your site will never be king.

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