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By: Ezra Gates

Lights are one of the most important fixtures in your home, be it a new build or a renovation. They are often added as an afterthought, which is the completely wrong attitude to take. Without a good lighting plan, the very character of your home can change. No one wants to live in a dark or dimly lit house - it is depressing!

Below are a few pieces of lighting equipment you should consider fitting in your home. They will help to make your house a nice, warm and inviting place to be rather than dark and dingy.

LED Down Lights

One of the most popular style of lighting fixtures on the market today are LED down lights. They are very stylish and minimalist in design, whilst offering longevity and a strong light source.

Light Emitting Diodes, known commonly as LEDís have been around since the 1960ís. If you look around you right now, you will almost certainly see a device that utilises these highly versatile lights. These great little lights are quite different from traditional light bulbs. LEDís use far less power than a regular light bulb, whilst still giving off strong and consistent light for your home. In addition to this, LED bulbs last for a surprisingly long time - up to 100 000 hours of use!

In addition to being far more efficient, LED lights look great. Gone are the days of large and unseemly light fittings. LED down lights are the latest craze and it is easy to see why. These small, yet powerful lights, can be tucked away in the ceiling out of sight, whilst still providing superior lighting for your home. This allows you to maintain a sleek and modern look, without the eyesore of large lighting fixtures.

Exterior Lighting

Understandably, many people concentrate completely on interior lighting, neglecting exterior lights. Exterior lights are important for both safety and to enhance the enjoyment of your yard in the evenings.

The first exterior lighting you should consider, is a motion sensor light near the front entrance of your home. Lights such as this are great for security, but also make things easier for you! When someone approaches your front door at night, a motion sensor light will activate immediately. If this person has questionable intentions, this is likely to scare them off very quickly. If it is just a friend, or relative, it allows you to see who you are opening the door to in advance, which is an important security consideration. In addition to this, a motion activated light will forever end the scramble for your keys in the dark whilst juggling bags of shopping - thatís a benefit everyone can appreciate!

Energy Saving Globes

One last thing you really should think about installing in your home, is energy saving light bulbs. There has been a big push towards these in recent years, with a view to phasing out traditional light bulbs in the coming years. Not only do you save money with these light bulbs, but you get to help save the environment - everybody wins!

For more information, or to get a quote on installing and updating the lighting in your home, contact a lighting specialist in your area today.

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