Lifting Straps: Why This Tool Helps Grow Muscle

By: Sean Nalewanyj

Are you looking for advice that helps grow muscle and will offer an efficient way to raise the weight you can lift on almost every back exercise you perform?

It may seem too good to be true… There is a secret, my friend, and the sad fact is that if you haven't been using this basic piece of equipment that helps grow muscle, you have already missed out on gaining serious size and strength.

So what magical piece is it that helps grow muscle?

Good, old-fashioned lifting straps!

This is such a simple yet effective piece of equipment that helps grow muscle, but there are too many people who never even use them. Lifting strips are thick and durable straps designed to wrap around a barbell, dumbbell, or cable attachment.

They give a secure connection between your wrist and the weight, so you don't have to worry about your grip. Your forearms will expend almost no excess energy as long as you use these straps properly.

Why is this so valuable? Here's why…

Say you're doing deadlifts and you need to complete 8 reps of these powerful muscle-building exercises. You gear up, grip the weight, and lift the bar off the ground.

It's all fine and good, but now that you're at rep 5, your grip is straining you so badly that you can't hold onto the bar. You have to quit because your forearms are fatigued.

The bad news is that you've restricted the amount of muscular stimulation that you could have achieved on your back, legs, shoulders, and almost every other muscle that the deadlift affects. Not a good thing!

If you would have used a lifting strap, you would have not had to face this problem, because you would have reached muscular failure in the major muscle groups that you intended to target, which, in turn, helps grow muscle. If the grip is of concern, you should be using a lifting strap.

The main argument against lifting straps is the idea that they are a "crutch" and will negatively affect the development of grip strength and forearm size. I mean, really.

What would you prefer-greater muscle mass and strength in your lats and upper back (and just about every other muscle group on your body) or greater ability to crack open a jar of pickles? It's up to you.

Ultimately, the positive effect that lifting straps offer to your overall muscle mass and strength is more important than some negative effect on your forearms and grip. Just add some specific forearm movements into your routine to develop your grip strength and forearm size-it's not that hard.

A lifting strap helps grow muscle, so if you're not using one, get on it. It's easy to get lifting straps from almost any sports retailer, or look them up online.

We're talking of an investment under twenty bucks.

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