Let your lungs rest by using an ECig part time

By: Stacey T

A lot of people wonder if e-cigs are any better than real cigarettes. The truth is they are about 4,000 times better. This is because the number of chemicals produced when a tobacco cigarette is burned is around 4,000! So how many chemicals are produced when nicotine liquid is vaporized in an e-cigarette? Well after excluding the chemicals in the air we breathe every day, a handful. The only added ingredients to your air should be nicotine, water vapor, vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol and anything in the flavoring.

There has been wild propaganda about ecigs containing toxic chemicals. The problem is the air we breathe has toxic chemicals. These are organic chemicals and are found throughout earthís biosphere, including, acetone and xylene. When properly compared, the amount of chemicals in e-cig vapor compared to common air was marginal to none.

Now, letís get back to saving your lungs and quite possibly 20+ years of life. With 4,000 less chemicals, there is no more carcinogenic tar in your smoke. This tar would usually flood into all the tiny capillaries of your lungs, eventually turning them black and less efficient. With an electronic cigarette all you get is tasty water vapor with nicotine. No more black lungs after 5 years of a nasty habit. Smoke an ecig for the rest of your life if you canít live without the effects of nicotine.

The human body is truly an amazing machine because our lungs are able to heal themselves. Your lungs are always trying to repair the damage done from smoking. But if youíre constantly smoking it canít keep up. If you switch to an e-cigarette your lungs can start recovering immediately. However, if youíve been a heavy smoker for many years and developed a serious condition like chronic bronchitis or emphysema your lungs can never fully recover.

You canít just consider the years of life added, you also need to consider quality of life. Many smokers have resilient bodies and are fortunate enough not to develop a mortal illness like cancer. But what about when youíre coughing or short on breathe during strenuous activities? Not to mention the horrible surgeries from mouth and throat related cancers.

Donít be careless, worry about others around you! Parents are smoking around kids, smoking friends around non-smoking friends. If you switch to an e-cig, nobody gets bothered and certainly not harmed.

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Overall h2ecig.com are not just a great way to quit smoking but an almost essential change in lifestyle if you want the enjoyment of nicotine without the miserable ending.

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