Leaving Your Dog in Good Hands with Baltimore Pet Care

By: James30

You read the email slowly, going every word as though to savor it. After several minutes you sit back on your chair and let it all sink in. You did it, you really did it. After working as a marketing assistant for what seems like forever – although in reality it’s just roughly three years – you have finally been promoted to marketing executive, and the email you’ve just read makes your post official starting two weeks from now.

You imagine yourself updating your wardrobe, clearing out stuff you haven’t even touched in the last year and replacing them with trendy and upbeat pieces. While you were working as an assistant, your drab corporate suits can easily be overlooked. A lot of your responsibilities involved making coffee, typing out documents, and scheduling meetings, anyway. To make a long story short, you were almost invisible to members of the management, so what you wore hardly mattered as long as it meets the dress code set by the company.

Now that you’ll be stepping up as part of the management, how you present yourself will make a huge difference. You need to dress up, to look the part – and you’re absolutely ecstatic about the prospect. After all, what prompted you to apply for promotion in the first place was a need for challenge, a strong desire for a change of scene, so to speak. You’ve gotten to the point where your schedule has become so predictable that you can practically map out your planner for the entire month without the least bit effort.

As an executive, you’ll have greater responsibilities and heavier workload, but it will give you the chance to learn new things, go different places, and meet a lot of people. This spells out that you’ll likely have a more difficult time plotting out your schedule, and the thought makes you smile. Meetings and conferences at daytime, parties and launches in the evenings – what’s not to like?

Then your gaze falls on the picture of you and your golden retriever Shadow on the desk, and you momentarily freeze. Your promotion will let you broaden your horizon in a way an assistant post never can, but it will take away a lot of your time at home. And since it’s just you and Shadow living in your modest one-bedroom apartment, you need to figure out a way for you to balance your responsibilities in the office with your devotion as a pet owner.

If you don’t have anyone you can leave Shadow to, why not consider reputable pet sitting in Baltimore? You can avail of dog walking in Baltimore on the days you’re too busy to take your pet out for exercise. And if you need to be away for a considerable length of time, you can opt for quality dog boarding services in Baltimore. A good service for dog boarding in Baltimore can arrange to have your pet stay with them for a week or two, depending on the situation. So go ahead, celebrate your promotion – you won’t have to worry because you’ll have the assurance your dog will be well taken care of.

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