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Smoking and health problems in the 16th century, first put forward in the 1950s caused worldwide concern. As to this problem, the gradual development of tobacco industry in the limit, but also promote the cigarette manufacturing technology innovation, make cigarettes security improved.

After a brief study tobacco spread to Europe, there are many people think it is detrimental to health, but also somebody thinks that has sanitarian function.Wholesale electronics Two ideas gradually debate. Some countries have a view on smoking in an intermittent of inadequate evidence, but not much, influence. With the cigarette consumption gradually expanded, on smoking and health problems also gradually. SaMoLin 1795-there S.T. Germany with pipe that smoking is often due to lower the pressure pipe and teeth, easy cause cancers of the lip. The 19th century, many experienced surgeons believe, can also result in pipe of tongue cancer. Because lung cancer occurrence frequency and tobacco sales increase, and the correlation between smoking and lung cancer. In 1939, F.H. miller to 86 patients with lung cancer with age 86 healthy smoking history analysis demonstrates that the correlation between. In 1950, r. a. b. dole and the discussion as hill, the relationship between smoking and lung cancer may report also involves smoking and digestion and respiratory diseases. 1952 dole and hill will not smoking and lung cancer patients with two kinds of smoke, compared with a disease that smoking, including myocardial infarction and chronic pulmonary obstruction. The research methods and ideas to lung and medical observations. In 1954, the doll and hill, E.C. Hammond and d. horn to report, based on research groups, involving data and other diseases, the hazards of smoking and the risk of death to a specific analysis. Then, on the correlation between smoking and other diseases caused by increasing report, people's attention.

In flue gas composition harmful component of many special biological active, which has caused the biological transmutation. Main ingredients for carbon monoxide, benlei, QingHuaQing, volatile and transformation of nicotine into nitrosamines compounds, nicotine, phenols, aromatic amine, pahs polonium, and trace metals. Because the main cause mutation and carcinogenic substance exists in gas phase in part, grain JiaoYouLiang, can generally show different the harm of cigarettes. As the carcinogenic effects of nicotine itself, and nothing has been decided yet. In the recent research report,cell phone deals with inhaled flue gas can be formed in human body, and the possibility of nitrosamines produced during combustion in tobacco thickening rings amine materials specially seriously, the development of the research on smoking and health can improve understanding.

The health effects in 1985, the world health organization (WHO) smoking and health problems, discuss that:

Tobacco-related illnesses. According to the comparison, smoking and not smoking smoking can lead to six proof of disease and early death. It is 6 kinds of lung cancer and heart disease, ischemia, cor pulmonale, aortic aneurysms and chronic lung diseases around, obstruction.
In a variety of other causes of death (such as alcohol, liver, poison, suicide, etc.), smokers and nonsmokers also has difference.
Esophageal cancer, lip, tongue and throat, stomach, and kind of disease and smoking related.
Smoking may of endometrial carcinoma, Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis, gestation sepsis, osteoporosis is protection. May be due to smoking can cause a disease of the hormone.
Many diseases such as infectious or parasitic diseases such as smoking.
Main effect of fetal smoking for weight loss, and a high mortality rate, also can cause deformity. All above is in, because of the person different, because the genetic traits, smokers, smoking habits, types, smoking length and environmental factors of different results.
Passive smoking smoke inhalation, besides smoking people in the rest of the environment, was near the non-smokers inhaled, near the so-called passive smoking. Therefore, many places, avoid banned smoking in environmental pollution. The report, and about passive smoking has increased in recent years. In 1986, the world famous expert pointed out the dangers of secondhand smoke is: (1) the family someone smoking, passive smokers smoke in the family is not high rates of lung cancer. 2 a smoking family with respiratory diseases such as children, cough, asthma, pneumonia, tracheitis higher frequencies. Father, mother (smoke in the smoking and not smoking less weight infant family for light.

The smoking cigarettes refers to snuff out, chewing tobacco. Currently the nostrils smoke inside put less than, for the mouth, tongue in cheek between a, or JiaoYong,. In 1985, the international cancer research center (IARC) of the following conclusions: (1) experts have evidence that oral chewing tobacco contains (such as North America, Western Europe) can cause cancer. Cancer is evidence limited chewing tobacco. Epidemiological study with the observation of the conclusion. 2 nostrils smoke cancer with insufficient evidence. 3 no sufficient evidence to animal testing.

Smoking and health problems because many of the arguments mutations and carcinogenic substance in flue, exists in human body, depending on the quantity of smoke inhalation of different levels, and health hazards, this viewpoint, most experts. But there are also some research report that smoking causes various diseases, said both experiments, without cannot completely excluded, still need to make further research. The reason is that most smokers are opposed to the epidemiology statistics, statistical correlation between "cannot be causality. Epidemiological survey to smoking, ignore human genetic and physical factors, so often cannot explain the statistical data, and even contradictory. But in the investigation and statistics of misdiagnosis and not consider the environment pollution, air is ignored. Passive smoking and smoking on the influence mothers and babies have two kinds of different opinions. Some experts believe that causes a causal relationship between disease and established, at least two conditions, namely, the depth of the contact between the etiology and reveal the mechanism of the disease. But now the mechanism of tobacco-related illnesses are unclear, and no one knows the true debunked any cancer etiology, etc. Just animal experiments, haven't a laboratory animals can occur with human caused by smoke the same lung, even if the quantity of several times larger than the man smoking. Therefore, smoking and health problems in science remains to be together and further study.

Some countries on smoking and health problem of the world health organization claims deadline. But in the current economic, political and social situations, smoking and health to the scientific spy cameraconclusion can achieve consistent, absolutely not prohibit smoking is impossible, the only way is to reduce smoking hazards flexibility. America since 1964 was less harm to support the development ", "or" low-risk "cigarette, from the tar 15mg (below) and low nicotine (1.5 mg below), and increasingly strengthen cigarette propaganda education, warning or restrict smoking in public places. British government agencies, and except with independent of smoking and health science committee, the determination of the quality and tar tobacco biological response index, in addition to note the tar and nicotine, carbon monoxide, began to another 75 kinds of components, including determination of formaldehyde, aldehyde, propylene QingHuaQing, nitric oxide, etc. The federal republic of Germany to reach appropriate proportion of tar and nicotine, suggest that this now, it is advisable that the proportion of nicotine can have enough to meet need, avoid smokers to low nicotine, because many of the "compensation" smoke caused the intake of tar. China currently high tar and nicotine cigarette low, Most for tobacco cigarette, a new type for the development of hybrid cigarettes. Tobacco smoke, high sugar content type for acid, soft easy inhalation. For a variety of mixed with tobacco smoke, for the neutral, sex, ingestion is less.Digital Camera For smokers, the future development of health concerns should be the tar and mixed cigarettes.

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