Leave a Legacy Not a Profile

By: Julia Bennet

We live in a digital world that has forced us to be more impersonal. Gone are the days where the character of a person was based on how he or she actually lived. Once it mattered how you lived, believed and treated others. Friends were people you knew and trusted. Today it seems we live in a distant, abstract world that sums people up by their online profiles. We have countless "friends" who know what we do but donít know how we got here and who we truly are inside. Your legacy, who you are and why you matter, should be told by you. We all have a story to tell, but Leaving a Legacy is up to you. Your children, family and friends want to hear your story, Your Legacy.

Few people actually think about their legacy until itís too late. Your life is the sum total of your choices, experiences, the people you impact, your values and the difference you made. If you donít take the time to preserve your legacy, all that will be left is what a few people remembered of you. Just as much as you want to know about your past future generations will want to know about you from your point-of-view. When you document your legacy through journals, pictures and video you decide whatís most important to share. You are Leaving a Legacy.

Your Legacy is a compilation of your most treasured memories and achievements in life. You can document your legacy using pictures, video, voice recording and journals. By taking the time to preserve your legacy, you are helping future generations know who you really are and why you matter. There is no one who knows you better, than you.

Social networks are great resource for communicating and sharing bits of information about ourselves but do not begin to tell the real story of who we are. They are, however, not a replacement for you documenting the highlights from your life because who you are matters.

How you live matters to someone. Your legacy is the combination of what you achieved, learned and accomplished with your time on earth. Each of us creates a footprint of our legacy through the memories of what we meant to our children, grandchild, family and friends but those memories will fade in time. When you create your legacy, you decide what to share and who your want to know your legacy.

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If you want to Leave a Legacy and not an online profile, then you need to start creating Your Legacy right now by writing down all of your memories, uploading all the pictures, making and uploading videos with you talking about your life and a journal that best describes who you really are!

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