Learning how to manifest positive qualities

By: Ankisha

Most persons are aware of both their positive and their negative qualities, feeling that perhaps they need to manifest more positive qualities such as peace, love, patience, humility and gratitude to mention a few. The challenge is that when we see our negative qualities, we tend to feel frustrated, weak and useless. Self-confidence and self-esteem are lowered, the effects of which spill over into our personal and business life.

Distinctions between good and bad qualities are actually made in the limited and subjective mind; therefore, you would want to concentrate on your positive heartfelt qualities to further develop them. Your good qualities are ever present: your love of beauty, peace, light and harmony. Choose the qualities you wish to keep to the fore - your imperfections or your strengths.

Concentrate only on your good qualities, those that align with the highest in you, your soul. Replace your so-called bad qualities when they show themselves by inwardly repeating the name of the opposite positive quality. In other words, when anger shows its face in your consciousness, repeat the quality of peace, peace, peace.

Below are five positive qualities that you may wish to more highly develop:

Peace – When you invoke peace from within, imagine feeling enormous strength, both inside and out. Use this strength to quickly devour any situation that lacks peace. No power can rob you of your inner peace; it is your own thoughts and actions that steal inner peace. Concentrate or meditate on peace early in the morning so you can store it within until you need to use it during the day.

Love – There are two kinds of love: human love and a higher love, divine love. With human love comes attachment and demands made of the other person. Divine love is unconditional love, without attachment and without demand. A higher love is the love of a mother for her child. Human love is when we measure what we give by what we get. Try to love in a higher way as you go through your day.

Patience – If you feel that it takes a certain amount of time to accomplish a particular thing and your expectations are not met, then you may become impatient. Try to feel that all things happen at the exact right time. Progress may be slow but you are moving and progressing toward your goal. This brings a feeling of satisfaction and at the same time, develops your inner strength and will power.

Humility – You can easily cultivate humility by thinking of a tree. When it has no fruits, it remains erect. But when it is laden with fruits, it bends down with humility to offer its fruits to humanity. So also, when you have fruits or something to offer to mankind and you bow down with humility, you will be loved and admired. A mother or father bends down out of love to offer food to a child. The child responds with love and gratitude to the mother and father. In the same way, we can learn to cultivate this kind of humility.

Gratitude – Inside gratitude is the presence of all other good and divine qualities. For all of your positive qualities, feel true gratitude. Gratitude is more than just saying ‘thank-you’; it is something heart-felt with a deep inner feeling of completeness, satisfaction and joy. This kind of gratitude is most effective for attracting more of that for which you are feeling grateful.

Feel that you already have within you the qualities that you seek. To bring forward your positive qualities, concentrate on your heart. Inside your heart is the soul and because your good qualities come from the light of your soul, you are accessing your soul-power.

Inwardly sow the seed for the expansion and manifestation of your positive qualities by concentrating on them. Your so-called bad qualities will eventually disappear. You will be happier and more productive, business will prosper, and your friends, family and colleagues will admire the ‘new you’. You will definitely be manifesting positive qualities: peace, love, patience humility, and gratitude – all good and divine.

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