Learning how to drive and getting your driverís license by Robb Stark

By: Robb Stark

The day is finally approaching: The day when you are legally able to get your driverís license, a true milestone in everyoneís life. Everyone surely remembers the day when they were first able to take the car out for a spin alone. The roads towards acquiring ones driverís license are many. This article is written from a European point of view, and is hence focused on the rules and regulations that apply there. These rules and regulations obviously differ from country to country so make sure you study them in detail as you go along.

There are two general options to choose from when it comes to learning how to drive a car, or motorcycle as well for that matter. You can either have a parent or acquaintance teach you how to drive, or join a driving school. No matter which way you elect, there is no substitute for driving experience. As soon as you are able to start practicing driving you should do so. The more traffic situations together with an experienced driver you will be confronted with the better, and you will become a better driver once you have a driverís license of your own.

The best option is to have a parent as a driving instructor. Because you usually ride in the car together anyway when you go shopping, to school or football practice and the likes, you are bound to receive many hours behind the wheel, which is a key factor. Exactly how many hours or months that are needed to succeed in the driverís test naturally varies from person to person. However, one thing common among everyone is that the sooner you get started, the quicker you will gain in driving experience and will feel prepared to take the driverís test. If you are able to practice driving regularly for about two years before your driverís test, even the poorest driver will most certainly meet the general standard of driving skills demanded by the department that issues driverís licenses. Getting at least a couple of lessons with a professional driving instructor before the actual test is usually a smart thing to do as well. You will receive small tips on how to use your eyes, when to signal and turn and so on, something which will be observed during your driverís test.

Joining a driving school is maybe the only option for some, and never a bad idea. As previously mentioned, everyone absorbs driving knowledge at different rates and intensities, making the cost for using a driving school rather varied. The best thing, always, is to combine what you learn at driving school with driving together with a parent or relative as well, otherwise the costs can easily run amok. It is recommended to at least learn the basics of how to start a car, get it rolling and preferably gear shifting before you start paying a driving school. There are usually many driving schools to choose from, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe as a student with your driving instructor. Visit them on location and try to get a feel for the place and the people.

Combined with the actual driving test there is usually a written exam as well, which has to be taken beforehand. Some countries also have a mandatory driverís education seminar which has to be attended by the student. Make sure you book this in due time as there may be a long waiting list in and around larger European cities.

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