Learning To Draw Step By Step & Develop Your Own Style

By: R. Schmidt

You will probably find that as you learn to draw step by step, you will build up your own individual drawing style with a natural flow. Your individuality is unique, you watch things with a different eye to how others work and your hand muscles are dissimilar from others. So in a similar way you might not be able to evade honing up your own technique.

Developing you Own Drawing Style

If you consider that you do not have your own sketching technique then experiment with a category of styles, techniques and media uptil you find a style or an amalgamation of styles that befits you.

You can go through other artist's examples drawing available on the internet or at the library. As you become less concerned about your method and you achieve the position where you can just draw and you will build up you own technique with ease.

That said, it is important to be versatile as an artist so you should aspire to have a variety of diverse styles in your stock. Don't limit yourself to only one style as this may make it tough to get commercial drawing work and you will probably get bored.

It is vital not to compare your sytle of drawing to that of other artists, as there will for sure someone who is 'better' than you and somebody 'worse' than you. Get inspiration from others, but do not compare.

Honing up flexibility in drawing

In addition to develop an own drawing method, it is always nice to be flexible in your drawing to help keep you stimulated and to ensure that your job is worthy to be marketed should you desire to draw from a commercial point.

There are numerous approaches to become more flexible.

Firstly, it is motivation: You should expose yourself to as many different drawing styles as you can by looking at art books and viewing exhibitions amongst others. You could in addition try taking lessons from numerous teachers as each instructor has their own technique of drawing and teaching which they will pass on to you.

You could as well be your own drawing instructor and lay down for yourself different assignments with different targets, targeted at diverse spectators. E.g., you could task yourself a project in which you draw a nursery rhyme, or design a painting exhibition poster, or develop a book cover design. This will provide you with practice as well as material for a collection if you do want to move into commercial drawing.

You must ensure that you continually challenge yourself by educating to draw diverse themes, putting to use diverse media and several techniques. Perhaps look at websites and agencies that advertise illustrator works to check what clients are asking for so that you can hone up your techniques in the right way.

Combiningly, these methods will ultimately lead you to be trained step by step in your own drawing mode. So do not wait any longer - start today! Start employing these steps and drawing tips, better your drawing abilities and hone your own drawing style. Start today and after few weeks you will see: results are rewarding.

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