Learning How to Play Chess - Chess Openings 101

By: Rhonda Burns

We must all admit that when people tell us that they play chess, the first thing that comes to mind is "Wow, this person must be brilliant". Yes, the game of chess is usually played and enjoyed by people who are considered to be "serious" and intelligent.

Chess Openings are tactics played in order to gain dominance of the chess board's center in the opening game. Opening games begin with the first move and then ends when one player has complete control of the center board, which is typically after around 10 moves each.

It is very important to understand that mastering chess openings is an art. The middle of the board has 4 squares right in the center. Being in full control of the center board will make it very difficult for the opposing player to advance and attack pieces. As a good chess player, having control of the middle or center board as it is called is a very prized and strategic advantage for you.

As well as being able to control the middle board, having well rounded chess openings will allow your main pieces to strategically exist the back row in order to be utilized for defending and attacking purposes. Having good openings will also help you offer protection for your king and not leave that important piece in a defenceless position.

There are several tried, tested and trusted rules that every player should adhere to when playing openings. These rules are:
* Move your knights forward as soon as possible. The knights can be used to attack several squares and are quite good for defending the middle board.
* Developing your chess pieces on just one side is a very bad playing tactic. Doing this will provide your opponent with the opportunity to take advantage of the middle board. Your pieces will also be a lot more valuable when they are away from the board's sides.
* Do not attack too aggressively. You need to remember that chess openings are used in order to place your playing pieces in defensive positions.
* Allow your main pieces some room to breathe by opening up your back line.

Many experienced chess players memorize openings and thus very little thinking is required as they play the game. The first six moves between two highly experienced chess players are often made in quick succession.

Well known chess openings have names such as:
* The English opening
* Sicilian Defense
* Two knights Defense
* Opening
* Queens Gambit etc

The aforementioned and a lot more openings are listed in several openings books, databases and internet websites. As players learn more openings they will be able to have a much more flexible store of weapons to use against their opponents.

There are websites where you can learn all about chess openings across hundreds of millions of positions. The great part is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to learn these opening styles, you also do not have to pay a single cent!

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