Learning About Exchange Hosting

By: David Grantz

The internet, and all the technology that surrounds it, can be a difficult thing to grasp, especially for someone who does not have a degree in technology. Those who own small businesses often do not know how to implement technology into their world, so they eschew it, leaving it for other larger businesses to deal with. Unfortunately this often winds up being their downfall, as the larger businesses have the ability to get ahead of the game using technology as the springboard. Exchange hosting is one way that you can bring technology into your business without having to worry about getting confused or risking your company.

What Is Exchange Hosting? Exchange hosting is the term that is used when you hire another company to host Microsoft Exchange 2007 for you. Most often you would hire a company that specializes in hosting Microsoft Exchange so that you do not have to worry about having any problems. These companies exist for the sole purpose of making your technical life easier, and can be a great way to bring technology into your company easily and safely.

What Will Exchange Hosting Do For Me? Many smaller business owners wonder how exchange hosting will make their company better. In reality, exchange hosting, like many different pieces of technology, is only as helpful as you let it be. There are tons of things that you can use it for, but the majority of business owners start by making it so that their employees can have constant contact with work no matter where they may be. Business owners can set up email accounts for all of their employees, which allow them access to the email as long as they are anywhere near a computer that has internet capabilities. This means that your employees will never have to make mistakes with work, because they will always be able to get in touch with you, or with other employees, no matter what the situation is.

You can also use exchange hosting to allow your employees access to important contact information. If you have a number of businesses that you contact frequently, or if you have some special customers that you would like your employees to be able to contact if necessary, you can put all of that information in one, easy-to-access spot using exchange hosting. Then your employee simply has to connect to the internet, go to the site, and use their password and they will be able to have any contact information that you deem necessary, from phone numbers to addresses.

What Do I Need? Starting with an exchange hosting company is extremely easy. All you need to have is a computer, internet access, and a phone! That's it! The technician will be able to walk you through the details so that you can have your entire company set up with exchange hosting quickly and easily, giving you access to technology that can help your company grow and change with the times.

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David Grantz, founding partner and Chief Information Officer of Exchange My Mail, located in Albertson, New York, had vision to recognize the importance of hosted e-mail in the "software as a service" venue, and acted on it. Visit www.exchangemymail.com

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