Learn the Tips of Working Offline On A Chromebook

By: Brooke M. Perry

Chromebook is known in the market as a “computer designed to be used while connected to the Internet” (Wikipedia). Undoubtedly, this device is more useful when you are online. Do you know that apart from online usage, you can use your Chromebook even at an offline mode quite conveniently? Keeping the online usage aside, let’s learn some very useful tips that will enable you to get maximum usage out of your Chromebook even while you are offline.

Chrome Packaged Apps

Google’s new Chrome Apps known as Chrome Packaged Apps are the key tools through which you can work on your Chromebook even if you are not connected to the Internet. These apps can be run offline as well as online after getting synchronized with the Internet.

Google Keep, which is used for displaying notes, is an interesting Chrome packaged app that operates on Chrome OS supported PC. The offline interface of the Google Keep appears completely similar to the online one. Even while offline, you can use this app normally to write new notes and edit the existing notes. Next time whenever you will reconnect your device to the Internet, the app will automatically sync your entire changed data with Google and it will get stored in the Cloud.

The other Chrome packaged apps also perform more or less in a similar way. Apps like Any.do and Wunderlist can bring your task list even while you are offline. Caret allows you to do offline graphical texting and code editing. Using this app you can work offline with code files. Likewise, there are numerous apps to facilitate your offline working on Chromebook.

All such Chrome packaged apps that are meant to make your device more useful on the offline mode, can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. However, to have a better interaction with these apps, try considering the following tips:

Download Offline File Viewers

Checking different files is one of the most usual activities that we do while operating a computing device and Chromebook is not an exception. While working on this device you will be delighted to have certain ways through which you can view different documents and media formats even at an offline mode.

Chrome Web Store hosts variety of Offline file viewer apps to support this purpose. Using offline file viewers, even without being connected to the computer you can view video files, MP3s, PDFs, documents, pictures, etc. Your downloaded files will get stored at your Files app. To open these files in your offline file viewers, you just need to double-click on them.

Upgrade the Old Offline Apps

Google has launched its new-style Chrome apps with prime focus at Chromebook’s offline usability. However, Google hasn’t transformed all its old apps to new Chrome apps. Therefore, you must check the Chrome Web Store to find out which of the old offline apps have received new versions. For instance, Gmail is a highly usable service that is being used on a daily basis. Download and install the Gmail Offline to have an easy access to your mails. However, Gmail Offline app is different from the standard Gmail app and hence it has a different interface. Likewise, Google Calendar and Google Docs are also very useful service for which offline apps are available.

Use a Linux Desktop

If you’re a Linux geek who wants to have full Linux desktop environment along with its suite of command-line tools, then over Chromebook you can get it all. Using Google Offline Linux Desktop apps, you can get a more full-featured offline experience of Linux desktop system or terminal application that runs offline.

Once you finish the downloading and installing these apps, disconnect the Internet connection and try using the apps offline and check their performance. These apps remain operative in the offline mode because it installs the data locally on your device. The interface of these apps and the offline usability of the Chrome device will upgrade more in the near future as Google is continuously working on this.

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