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Choosing the right school can be a daunting task for parents as they want their children to attend the best school/schools. This is one important decision that parents have to make as there are so many schools around. If children are old enough to choose their schools of choice, it becomes a bit easier for parents to make a decision, but when it comes to primary school education or choosing secondary schools it becomes a bit difficult for them to do so. More so, there is a lot of confusion about whether parents should put their children in public, private or international schools. The reason being, all these three schools do not deliver the same features to their students as some them may lack infrastructure, staff, personnel or even the right teaching methodology.

There are various parameters that differentiate public, private or international schools like what the school really aims about for its students, school policies, facilities, the curriculum, staff, school uniforms, interaction of school teachers with parents and students. There is one part that we are going to discuss and that includes the interaction of schools teachers with students in the form of newsletters. The purpose of a newsletter is to inform parents and students about new events, promotions, recognition, and collaboration.

Newsletters are considered as a direct dialogue between the school staff, parents and teachers as children and parents get to know what is happening in the school. This is not all; newsletters also tell people if there is a vacancy in the school and much more. Newsletters are mostly text, or pages made with text and graphics in the form of photographs and other visual media. This makes it easier for parents and children to understand the newsletter itself.

Newsletters can be sent on weekly or monthly basis, since most of the schools have their own websites, it becomes all the more easier for them to upload the newsletter and let parents and children download the same, so that they can see it at their own discretion. Talking about international schools, they make sure these newsletters are uploaded on the site on a regular basis for positive communication. It also keeps the school community informed about latest events, school achievements, etc.

A newsletter is used to communicate information to inspire other people as it reaches people in a faster manner and is readily available at any time of the day for people to read. Writing a newsletter takes skill as content in the newsletter should send a positive message and not be offending material for parents and students. There are few points that can be considered whilst writing a newsletter, like making baseless promises, being to the point, clear and concise and much more.

Well that about sums it up for newsletters in primary and secondary schools, international schools are taking an initiative to start a direct dialogue to enhance the future of a child in all aspects, its time parents and students take advantage of this new form information and excel in their life ahead.

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