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Schools provide counselling for students right from the start of the start, looking at competitive times in all areas of life, the competitive pressure has increased many fold and this has led to the evolution of counsellors who provide the necessary help to students who have problems at an academic, personal and career level. This includes International Schools and Private Schools as well, every child is not the same so counsellors have to treat and deal with each student in a different manner.

Students at this age are very sensitive and require a personal touch and have to listen to each and every aspect of a child's problem and determine the best solution for it, many international Schools and private schools have made it a mainstream recommendation for students and parents to go through this procedure. There are times when parents are not able to understand the problems of their child and what they are going through, so it would be wise for parents themselves to visit a counsellor with their child and understand the problem and derive a solution out of it.

Schools in particular run these counselling sessions to have a positive influence on children and their academic life, counsellors hold a child's hand and show them the right path, and this gives students a positive boost in their academics to achieve higher grades. If a child has an academic issue wherein they cannot grasp a certain subject or they would like to opt for another subject, a counsellor has to work closely with the school teachers to find a solution for these kinds of problems.

Schools have to make sure they hire the right counsellors as addressing a child's problem is a sensitive issue and one wrong statement or action can lead to dire consequences for a child. In this case, even parents and teachers have to actively take part and tag along with the child so as to know if the counsellor is delivering the right kind of guidance. International Schools and Private Schools hire the best counsellors that are well trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

The most important thing a counsellor should do is give them confidence without the need to judge them, a normal counselling time for a single child lasts for about an hour or so where the problems of the child are heard and they are again called for revaluation after a few days. Personal problems of a child have to be heard at a very grass root level at it could involve problems that could be related to abuse, parental pressure, peer pressure and so on. Counsellors in schools give advice to students for further studies as well; this includes understanding a child's skills and aptitude and presenting them with a solution that would help them benefit in the future.

Counsellor in schools require flexibility to listen to the needs of the parents and their child or children, there are numerous issues that have to be addressed and this has to be done with responsibility and care.

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Counsellors in International Schools in Abu Dhabi and Private Schools in Abu Dhabi require a comprehensive program to ensure the basic elements of counselling are been taken care of and key features of development are identified.

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