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By: Pilar K

Difference between Dog Joint Pain & Arthritis:
Many people get confused between joint pain and arthritis. Both Dog Joint Pain and Dog Arthritis are different. Joint pain is not necessarily arthritis all the times. Arthritis is breaking of cartilage and joint pain may occur due to any other irregularity of the joint. The only way to tell if your dog’s joint pain or arthritis is to take him to the Vet. Both dogs joint pain treatment and cure for arthritis may differ at many levels.

In most cases, joint pain occurs due to wear and tear of the bone joints at old age. But dog joint pain can have numerous causes like poor nutrition, lack of exercise and incomplete healing of disease history.

1. Physical Signs: Limping, Slower walks, Slowness and stiffness when getting up or lying down, Swelling in around joint areas
2. Behavioral Signs: Reluctance to climb stairs, Yelping when touched, Licking or favoring certain joints

Preventive Steps:
There are a few precautions you can take to minimize the risk of your dog suffering from joint pain. You should also start a regular dogs joint pain supplement in routine.

Low stress exercise within moderate level helps maintain him strong muscles and flexible joints. Regular exercise is a best way to prevent joint pain.

Feed him a diet full of the right nutrients, minerals, amino acid and vitamins. Avoid table scraps which become extremely harmful for joints. Avoid human food, too.

Cure / Therapy:
The first step to cure him is to take him to your Vet. Your Veterinarian will be able to tell you the best course of action based on your dogs breed, age and condition. There are different dogs joint pain treatments available for dog joint pain. Some are natural and some medical. Experts always recommend natural treatment in possible cases of dog joint pain remedy.

Exercise is always useful and is best suitable dogs joint pain remedy. According to your dog’s weight, low- impact exercise like swimming is less stressful on the joints and strengthens the dog’s joints. Make sure that the exercise is within moderate level as anything beyond could overtax the already sensitive joints and lead to greater pain and swelling. Also, massage & stretching helps reduce swelling and promote healing.

Heat Application:
Low heat relaxes the muscles and temporarily reduces a dog’s joint pain. Applying heat also promotes blood circulation for faster healing and helps in dogs joint pain relief.

Advanced Treatment:
For more advanced dog joint pain treatment, Dog Homeopathy and Dog Acupuncture can be processed. Homeopathy is the act of combining a blend of medical herbs which present no side effect with dogs.

If arthritis is involved, your veterinarian might prescribe either anti-inflammatory or dog joint supplements rich in glucosamine which helps in dog joint pain relief. In severe cases of either hip dysplasia or cancer, surgery could be proposed as an option.

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