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By: Don McKay

There is a secret that is well kept on the internet. Learn now the trick to the 1st spot on page 1 of every search engine. This is such a simple technique and yet most people are affraid to try it. If you were to go to Google right now and type in the word "coffee" you would see Starbucks at the top spot. Why is that? How did they become so popular? Well, advertising is what made them famous, but not on the internet. The search engines don't watch T.V.commercials, listen to radio ads, or read newspapers. The key here for them was reselling. They sell their coffee to everyone that wants it. Hmmm...if I owned a struggling coffee shop, or donut shop would it not make sense to grab as much help as possible from the worlds famous coffee king? This was exactly how the coffee king backed into the #1 spot. He trade links with other coffee companies. In most cases there was no trade at all. The struggling coffee shop added the link to attract more business. This technique is called relavent linking. Why is this so important to the search engines?

Having just any link on your site is not what the search engines are looking for. You have to have links relavent to what your site is, because it catagorizes your site in the stream of other sites with the same content. Now that your site is in the right catagory you need to establish its importance on the net. Do you remember the coffee king? How important is he? Well how many places other than Starbucks sell Starbucks coffee? Just about every grocery store, some hotels & resorts, and oh yeah the struggling coffee shop. How many of these businesses have websites with descriptions of the coffee kings product? Are these businesses relevent? Hmmm....anywhere coffee is served or sold is relavent.

When this article was writen The coffee king had 176,770 backlinks to his site. That is more than MarthaStewart.com at 138,022 backlinks and Coke.com at 35,096 backlinks. Surprisingly, Folgers.com had only 2,656 backlinks. What can we learn from this? You have to trade links with other sites that do exactly what you do. If you sell shoes then trade links with other shoe stores, and if you sell coffee trade with others that sell coffee. The more relavent links you have the better. Never settle for just a couple.

I know most of you are saying "Are you nutts?" "I will lose a sale to my competition!" Yes that is a possibility, but with over 2,500,000,000 active internet shoppers out there I would take that chance to be in front of billions of active shoppers. If you made one sale per 1000 visits do the math, because it pays to be on page one. If you don't have what they are looking for anyway their going to leave right? Besides, there are forums and blog sites that have relavent content too. Relavent links lead to free traffic from the Search Engines and from the sites you trade from.

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