Learn Wave Board Tricks

By: Josh Brennon

There are tons of awesome freestyle tricks that you can do on the wave board. I am going to share with you some of the most popular tricks, from beginner to intermediate. Let us start with some of the easier tricks.

One of the easiest tricks I know is the step over. Place a skinny object like a broom stick or a small piece of wood on the ground, ride your waveboard directly to the stick, when your first wheel gets close to the stick lift your front wheel over the stick then immediately lift your back wheel over the stick to complete the trick. To lift the front or back wheel you need to place your feet on the curve of the tail and nose and put more weight on the opposite side then the wheel you want to lift off the ground; so to lift the front wheel push down and put more weight on the back lip. This trick will lead you to the manual and the nose manual. On each of these tricks you lift a wheel off the ground and try to ride on one wheel as long as possible. For the manual you need to lift the front wheel off the ground and ride on the back wheel. For the nose manual lift the back wheel off the ground and ride on the front wheel.

Another trick that is easy to learn is the two footer. On this trick you need to balance while riding straight and take your back foot off of the back deck and move it to the front deck so that for a second both feet are riding the wave board on just the front deck. You can also bring the front foot to the back deck. Ride for as long as you can balance and return your foot so you are riding normal to complete the trick.

Try and learn to ride switch while you are still practicing beginner tricks. Riding switch will allow you to do some great intermediate and advanced tricks. Riding switch is when you ride with your opposite foot forward. If you usually ride right foot forward, switch would be riding left foot forward. Let us move to some intermediate tricks. First I will explain the board leap. In order to do this trick you need two wave boards. So grab one of your friendís boards and place the board on the ground heading in the direction you want to ride. Ride your wave board very close to the board on the ground, and just as soon as you pass by the board leap off your wave board and land with both feet on the board that was on the ground. Your momentum will cause you to continue riding on the new board. The 360 is a great trick on the wave board. On this trick you need to whip the back wheel around so it is in front and then immediately whip the front wheel (which is now in back) back around to complete the 360. Lastly, the acid drop, is when you find a ledge, like a curb or drop of some sort, approach the ledge straight on, then lift your front wheel off the ground just before you cross over the ledge and ride a manual until you drop off the ledge. Land and try to keep your balance.

These tricks take time and practice, so keep working at it and you will be moving on to some of the more advanced tricks.

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The Wave board is sweet, and the tricks you can do on it are incredible. Practice to get better and better at the tricks. Skateboards are great to do tricks on as well, try doing skateboard tricks on your waveboard.

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