Learn To Win At Trading Stocks

By: Robert Thomson

Making a millions bucks overnight is few and far between. Change your approach to trading stocks, and you can change your life! Making $200/day can add $73,000 to your annual income.

As an investor:

- How many times have you had the oppotunity to get rich overnight if you had just bought that stock? None

- How many times have you been alerted to buy a stock only to watch the "alerter" buy in before alerting, then you make little or nothing by buying behind them? Always

- How many people that are considered educated do you know that have an upper hand at trading stocks? None

- How many companies really care if you make money on the stock you own with them? None

This is reality. No one cares. Harsh, but true.

I have read many e-books on trading with different "strategies" and such. But very few offer valid information to actually winning. Mostly these schemes and scams are about the sale of their method, rather than the actual application of their method. if you want to buy it, they sure as heck will sell it to you.

I even tried this "Penny Stock Prophet" program. (Quite costly I might add) The program alerts you to this guys picks by email, then you play them. Simple right? The picks he makes moves so fast, that even "quick-draw-mcgraw" could not get a buy in time to make a buck. Not recommended.

What about the standard free stock alerts by email?

Same concept. Guy/site/people alerts you to buy a stock that they have already bought into. Thus making you buy on top of them and netting them thousands. Not to mention that there are so many alert programs out there that you would need 100k just to be able to play them all.

They are almost all, scams. Yes, I used the "s" word, scams!

I did quite enjoy a few books on trading, one of them is "The Stock Bible" found here www.thestockbible.com . There are a few other books which i enjoyed, but for the most part did not explain as much. I enjoyed "The Stock Bible" because it covered every area of trading.

I hated the fact that most authors of trading books worded them so that the "Average Joe" could not undertsand what they were saying. I wanted a book that I, "Average Joe", could learn from. As I stated before, there are a few books I can suggest to the new/average investor. the one listed above is however, the most informative complete e-book I have read to date.

Stock chats with 600 people in them help also. you can fallow the trend with what the people post in chat. Get in, make a tick or two, then get out with a profit. Google "stock chat", I am sure you can find a stock chat room that you like. There are plenty of stock chat rooms out there.

Be disciplined when stock trading folks. Do not just buy and then panic sell. Even a rocket has to come back down some time. Then you refuel the rocket, and back up it goes!

Walk away with profits. Never try and make the million overnight. It will only end up in money lost.

I personally like to trade PINK or OTC:BB stocks. They can make you money fast, or lose it fast. And who has $100k to buy two hundred shares of Google (GOOG) at $500.00 a share? Remember: We are an "Average Joe".

There are many methods of trading currency in the stock market. make sure yours is profitable.

Words of wisdom in closing:

- Find a cheap broker with a good trading platform.
- Be patient.
- Be disciplined.
- Get into a stock chat room. (Not a blog, a live chat)
- Find a good solid stock book. Read and study it!
- See through the hype of scams and schemes.
- Turst yourself with choices. Exersize "Due Diligence"

I hope this article has helped you some in the area of knowing good from bad information that is out there.

See you on the trading floor friends,
- Michael Frizzelle

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