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By: Mel Joelle

SEO, or search engine optimization aims at improvising the visibility of a website in natural search results, for a set of search queries. From top industries to small firms, it is imperative to have top ranking websites that help them expand throughout as well as to gain global exposure.

SEO ensures that one’s website has reached enough potential customers and also makes the content of the webpage more attractive and lucid and easily readable for search engines. Learning SEO is easy. The first step of learning SEO involves the understanding of the basics of SEO. There are two types of processes, namely on page and off page SEO. On page SEO involves the creation of the right markup for the content of webpage, e.g. the HTML tags,meta tags,header tags ,bold and italics, and stressing on the primary keywords and theme of the website.

Off page optimization is not practiced directly on the html file. Most popular techniques include article marketing, link building, press release and blogging. The next step to optimize the website is selecting the right keyword to gain visibility among customers as well as search engines.

To increase the traffic of the website, it is important that the site maintains a SEO friendly architecture. A visually appealing website may attract a good number of visitors but having a global presence is important to increase its traffic. While designing a SEO friendly environment, the coding style, java scripts and content layout must be kept in mind.

Another step that must be learnt, in order for the website to be efficient, is to get it indexed by directory submission. A directory has several broken down links divided into different sub categories from which the user can pick the relevant information. A free submission enhances web visibility. Presenting a website with an address that redirects to another website must be strictly avoided. Also, a website still under construction must not be submitted.

There are some advanced SEO concepts and tools which, if applied, can beat the heat of cut throat competition in the market and give one’s website a good ranking. The Latent Semantic Indexing is an algorithm which provides a precise and exact result to the web visitors. Results based on geographical locations involve extension of domain names, hosting server and keyword usage on website.

Relevant and unique content of the website can give a boost to the website’s ranking. Also, a frequent change in the content, by including current topics, is favored. To emphasize on the headings or keywords, the text size can be increased or written in bold and italics. Inclusion of illegal content or a poor coding and designing of website may get it kicked out of the search engines. Also a text-only webpage becomes monotonous for the user, hence including images makes it more appealing.

Being self- taught is by far the most efficient way of learning internet marketing. A degree might give one the insight into certain aspects but in the industry, to survive, one needs to delve deep into things, learn and gain experience. Learning the techniques of SEO is just not enough until one puts them into experiment and tests everything that is said or told to him to form his own opinion.

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