Learn Recipes of Chocolate Mousse with Cadbury Chocolate

By: Jacob Cohen

Recipe is a very common word which we often listen. In fact, when we say recipe, it means some particular information or set of instructions which are to be followed to prepare some eatables. Generally, this set of instructions consists of name of dish, time involved in its preparation, names of ingredients needed to make this particular dish, quantities or proportions of these ingredients, requisite equipment or kitchen tools, complete step by step guidance for procedure of preparation, number of servings that dish can produce which can be adjusted by adjusting proportions of ingredients accordingly, texture, topping, add-ons and flavor and look at prepared finished dish.

Some recipes also describe nutritional information like protein, carbohydrate and fat content of dish. Recipe writing has now become a profession and many well known chefs have produced their books or even used a variety of channels to describe these recipes to the audience interested in cooking. A great advantage of this exercise is that everyone now can make a variety of very tasty dishes at home which prove to be not only a fun activity, but also they are very refreshing for the families. One may find traditional ones of some particular area like Chinese, Italian, Indian, etc. Another amazing thing is that some top class chefs have made a little bit modification to the recipes to alter the taste a bit, so you may be able to find the same recipe with a little bit different tastes through different mediums as they are available.

Chocolate mousse is a very common dessert and is highly liked by people of all ages. Ingredients needed for preparation of chocolate mousse includes finely chopped bittersweet chocolate, unsalted butter, espresso or any other very strong coffee, cold heavy cream, eggs and sugar. Raspberries and extra whipped cream are not necessary ingredients, but can be added as optional to enhance the taste. Refrigerate the cream after whipping it to soft peaks. Prepare a mixture of chocolate, butter and espresso in a double boiler over hot water, but it should not be boiling. Keep stirring the mixture till it becomes uniform. Let the temperature of mixture come down. In the meanwhile, whip the egg whites in a bowl and when it becomes foamy, sprinkle sugar and beat it. When chocolate mixture has cooled down to a warm state, you can add and stir in the yolks about one-third of whipped cream. Create alternate layers of whipped cream and egg whites. Chocolate mousse is ready for serving.

Cadbury Chocolate is also a very delicious type of chocolate which can be eaten separately as well as can be used as an ingredient in a number of dishes. It can also be made at home, but is also available in ready-made form and is not much costly. Cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and fresh milk in condensed form are its major ingredients. Sugar and cocoa mass are added to the condensed milk to make a rich creamy chocolate liquid. These ingredients are cooked together resulting in evaporation produced milk chocolate crumb.

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