Learn More about the Reasons That Can Crush SEO Rankings

By: Jack Fernandez

Search Engine rankings indeed are amid the most targeted and valuable sources of traffic as people usually trust web pages that garner the top position in their choice of search engine. Building one’s social search reputation and link building on social networks takes adequate time. If the traffic of one’s search engine happens to disappear overnight, then devoid of being diversified properly in the types of traffic they tap, they may find them up the creek and that too with no paddle. Here the question is why there has been a sudden drop in the SEO rankings?

Most common reasons that may crush SEO rankings

Although there are infinite reasons why a website may notice drop in its page rankings, but below are some of the common reasons that may crush SEO rankings. These include,

  • Hacking or Malware- If Google detects any form of hacking or malware on a webpage, it will warn every user who visits their pages prior to sending the same to their site. Along with crushing the page rank it will also create a bad effect because only a handful of users will continue past this kind of a warning.

  • Link popularity/loss of PageRank- a single link or even more to one’s website that had been fetching it a considerable amount of PageRank have been deleted or removed, or the originating site’s PageRank has dropped or moved to a novel unranked page for similar reasons. Any website having modest or low PageRank obtains the mass of its link strength often from few strong links and as a result the loss of such links, even a single link in this case can have a tremendous impact when it comes to its rankings

  • Server issues- If search engine giant Google at any point faces a difficulty to access one’s website, no matter whether it responds having an error code that too for a long period or is slow to respond, this can result in trouble. Search engines are extremely tolerant of small periods when any website is not available due to maintenance or any other problem, but the same extending for a long period can impact the rankings. Thus, if a site owner is aware that their website will be shut down due to maintenance, they should set their server for responding with code 503, that notifies the search engines of the fact that they are aware of it and they must try again later. Some other server problems comprise chains of redirects which involve too many steps for reaching the final page.

  • Algorithm updates- change in algorithm updates is amid the common reason that one’s site is likely to disappear. Search engines are updating their algorithms constantly which dictate where the page rank for the keyword in the SEO results page for keeping things fresh as well as ensuring that the finest is placed at the top. Although even one’s website is not being affected directly via an algorithm update, websites which one gathers adequate links from can be that will reduce the number of link juice that they have overnight, thus their ranking is likely to fall with it

By now one must have realized how essential it is in utilizing the correct techniques which will allow one’s website to become ranked at the top of research engines paving the way for an opportunity for anyone who desires in competing business enterprise with them for receiving in contact with them from anywhere they can be. Today there are countless top SEO companies and SEO marketing companies in India that are helping people to get good traffic as well as boosting their ranking in search engine results. But it is always best to do some research prior to selecting an SEO Company in India because only a trustworthy and professional search engine optimization consultant can offer the desired results. Having hands on experience they can understand exactly what should be done for producing one noticeable to all. So next time one experiences a drop in their SEO ranking they know what to do.

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In this article Natalie Ford has elaborately discussed on the common problem of SEO ranking going down and how by hiring the services of a professional search engine optimization consultant from a reputable SEO Company in India can help.

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